The Better India is super excited to launch our brand new shop site!

What’s our mission here?

Our mission is the same as it has always been: to help make a positive impact in this world!

So how are we doing that with a shop? We endeavour to curate those products and merchants that help create an impact on our community and the environment, helping make a better world for everyone.

But how does this work? Well, we need and use all kinds of things, from soaps to bags to food to… well, you get the drift. We use a lot of stuff!

We aim to provide a range of products that will cover all your needs in every area of your daily life, made by extremely skilled merchants that fulfill the following criteria:

  1. They are giving direct income to village artisans and/or members of marginalized communities- meaning folks with disability, folks from disadvantaged sections of society, folks in slums, and so on. These are good, hardworking people that don’t get an easy shot at a job like we do. But in the digital age, and with many passionate organizations working to mobilize these folks, we can all prosper together! You will be amazed at the superb quality of everyday products they make.
  2. They are making products that are good for the environment. That means they are helping the gradual shift to sustainable materials that will biodegrade quickly. They are promoting the upcycling of discarded materials, which means we get more out of the resources we have, while at the same time polluting less and asking less of the planet. They are helping us be eco-conscious by putting in the research and elbow grease to make this stuff. It’s so easy! All it takes a little change in the way we do things and the things we use.

Furthermore, we select those only merchants that follow ethical practices, promote dignity of labour, give fair wages and provide a healthy work environment. We seek merchants which enable positive impact not only in your life, but in the lives of those they employ.

Each of our products has a story behind them. You can read about the impact that the product and merchant is making on each product page.

Every purchase on The Better India creates a positive impact in the life of the merchant, the planet, and your own life.

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