Electricity-Free Hard Water Softener
Electricity-Free Hard Water Softener
Electricity-Free Hard Water Softener
Electricity-Free Hard Water Softener
Electricity-Free Hard Water Softener
Electricity-Free Hard Water Softener
Electricity-Free Hard Water Softener
Electricity-Free Hard Water Softener

Electricity-Free Hard Water Softener

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The Product

It's time to say goodbye to hard water, and all the problems that come with it!

Hard water is a major issue faced by people in various parts of India. The primary cause of hard water is the presence of high amounts of Calcium and Magnesium that damage your pipelines, expensive appliances like geyser and washing machine, and your skin and hair. The Hard Water Softener from D'Cal is an effective and easy solution to the hard water problem. A result of intense research and lab tests, this product gives you a maintenancefree, installationfree and green solution. All you have to do is drop this in the overhead tank; you don't even have to call your plumber for any additional plumbing. All this without burning a hole in your pocket  it costs onetenth of the price of existing hard water softeners in the market!

How it works

Hardness in water is primarily caused by high amount of Calcium and Magnesium. So instead of the traditional method of using filters to remove Calcium and Magnesium, D'Cal has used a Food grade media to remove the stickiness of Calcium ions. So while Calcium continues to be in water, it does not stick to walls, taps, buckets, hair, etc. The system masks the calcium ions to become inert and incapable of forming scales on your taps, fixtures, etc by using proprietary technology. The product is also not bulky and is of the size of a regular water bottle. It just needs to be dropped in the overhead water tank thus eliminating the need of any pipes been cut or needing any plumber. Hence the Water Softener product is Maintenance free and no electricity required. 

Product Specifications

Product description: Hard Water Softener (Complete House)
Package contains: One Hard Water Softener (Complete House)
Dimensions (cm): 27 x 7.5 x 7.5
Weight: 1kg
Capacity: Can be used for up to 1 year in overhead tanks of up to 2000 litres capacity 

How To Use

D'Cal is simple to use, safe to use and a solution for the complete house, using a unique technology, it removes the sticky nature of calcium and magnesium that mainly contribute to hardness, it is very simple to use. you have to just hang or drop it in your overhead tank, this device suitable for independent houses with overhead tank size up to 2000 litres.

You can check the performance by doing a simple test: Boil 1 litre of before and after water in 2 different stainless steel utensils, the regular bore water will have a lot of white calcium deposits, while in the other utensil you can see clean water. If you have very hard water, the calcium may deposit at the bottom of the utensil.


  • The product completely eliminates the risk of Minerals like Calcium and Magnesium damaging your pipelines, expensive bathroom fittings, clothes, skin and hair.
  • The Product has no maintenance, No electricity required No plumbing required easy to use and highly effective
  • D'cal Hard Water Solution protects your assets like washing machine etc.
  • It saves you money on maintenance and electricity bills.
  • The product lasts for a year's time. Also, the body of the device is designed in such a way that it floats on top of the water after its internal media is consumed. So it's a simple indication to the customer that the product needs to be replaced.

Your Impact

From rusty pipes, shower heads, scaling of hard water stains on your faucets, taps, fixtures, mirrors, to rough skin and damaged hair, the problems of hard water are many. The system prevents all this, ensuring that bathroom fittings and pipes corrosionfree and looking as good as new for longer. Appliances using borewell water such as geyser, washing machine, etc are protected from internal damage and corrosion thus extending their life. It also reduces the harmful effects of hard water on your hair and skin. With this hard water softener, you can say goodbye to all these problems and keep all your bathroom and kitchen appliances as good as new. The size of a regular water bottle, this product is easy to handle. And the best part? This product is economical, easy to use and green; there is no wastage of water and no electricity is required. 

Effective, Low Cost, Easy to Use, Compact, ElectricityFree, No Installation, Plumber Required!

Why We Like It

We believe that you and your home deserve the best! If you live in an area that has hard water, your bathroom and kitchen appliances, and your hair and skin are bound to get damaged. This product gives an easy solution to the hard water problem with less expenditure. It requires no maintenance, no installation and no electricity; and we think that's amazing! 

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