Areca Tea (Pack of 3)
Areca Tea (Pack of 3)
Areca Tea (Pack of 3)
Areca Tea (Pack of 3)
Areca Tea (Pack of 3)
Areca Tea (Pack of 3)
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Areca Tea (Pack of 3)

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A cup of this rejuvenating tea is sure to set your senses abuzz! Areca tea is known to have a host of benefits including antiageing  and antioxidant properties. Choose from a wide range of flavours to suit your taste!

Flavours available:

  • Regular
  • Mint
  • Tulsi
  • Ginger
  • Lemon

Contents: 3 packs of 10 tea bags each, containing areca tea of the flavour selected

Areca Tea

Areca Teas are known to have a whole host of health benefits. Rich in antioxidants and tannins, area helps fight free radicals in the body, keeping it healthy longer It is also an antidepressant, and is known to aid in building collagen fibres in the body, resulting in fewer wrinkles. It's caffeinefree and is even known to have a hypoglycaemic effect on diabetic patients.  Studies also show that areca inhibits the formation of ulcers. The overall salutary benefit of area tea are many. It's time to get some of them into your cup!

Healthy and Yummy together!

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