Natural Manipuri Garcinia Green Tea (18 Tea Bags)
Natural Manipuri Garcinia Green Tea (18 Tea Bags)
Natural Manipuri Garcinia Green Tea (18 Tea Bags)
Dweller Teas

Natural Manipuri Garcinia Green Tea (18 Tea Bags)

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The Product

Begin your morning with this lovely cup of garcinia tea. Its mildly tangy and fruity flavour will lift your spirits like nothing else and leave you ready to take on the day. Its delicious flavours are sourced from the lap of the Eastern Himalayas. An energetic day begins with a refreshing drink, and if you are looking for a healthy, fruity alternative to caffeine or dairy, here ends your search. Dweller Teas, an organisation based in Manipur, brings you a range of naturallygrown, locally sourced teas in flavours that entice your taste buds, and also help local communities be selfsustainable. This product contains no added colour, flavour or preservatives. 

Know your Tea

Naturally grown Garcinia fruit (locally known in Manipuri as Heibung) is popular among people with weight loss in mind. This tangy fruit is blended with green tea to get the digestive juices flowing and offers a cleansing feel, especially after a heavy meal.

Product specifications:

Product description: Garcinia Green Tea

Package contains: 18 tea bags.

Ingredients: Garcinia pedunculata, Green Leaf Tea

Package Dimensions (cm): 9 x 4.5 x 13

Weight: 27g

Partner story

Eli, like many other Manipuri people, grew up amidst the dramatic mountain landscapes of the Eastern Himalayas. As children, their evenings were never complete without playing in the woods and enjoying juicy local fruits. As Eli says, Anything seemed possible then.

The early years were spent in nurturing the hobbies and talents of Manipuri children but as they grew up, a lack of employment opportunities forced them to shift their base to urban areas, where the jobs they secured weren't related to their childhood dreams, the land they grew up in or the talents they had fostered.

Dweller Tea blends are based on natural, healthy, local grown produces Eli grew up relishing. Besides this, the enterprise also creates sustainable employment opportunities for the women of Manipur, right in the heart of Manipur. Through their production of flavoursome teas, they promise the locals a chance to stay true to their roots, and branch out across India.

Your impact

You can help the talented women and men of Manipur get sustainable lives and share the marvels of their state with the country all this with a cup of tea! Each tea leaf carries the authentic Manipuri essence, and every purchase directly helps the farmers and workers at Dweller Tea.

The tea flavours are made with love and without any artificial flavours. This guarantees you pure flavour and benefits from real fruits, herbs and spices!

Why we like it

Green tea for some is an acquired taste, while for others, it is love at first sip. In addition to its fruity, delicious flavours, it also has several health benefits. This refreshing, tangy Garcinia tea will give you a taste of the produce of the NorthEast and help you support the locals from the comfort of your house! Sip it for the social impact or for its ability to make you light and refreshed after a heavy meal, we assure you that the flavours will not leave you disappointed. 

Tanvi says

I first tasted green tea reluctantly. A friend was urging me to try it and I agreed only to have one sip from his cup. But from that moment, there has been no looking back. Brands, flavours and types I try out all varieties of green tea. All I needed was that little push. If you are already a fan of dairyfree tea, why not give this unique Manipuri flavour a try? And if you are just starting out, these fruity flavours are a great choice! I have my cup full, do you?

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