Chutki Aerobic Home Composting Kit
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Chutki Aerobic Home Composting Kit

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Welcome to the simplest composting method available! This unit can easily fit into any small space in your balcony or utility area without the menace of flies and odour. Simply add your daily kitchen and garden waste into the Chutki composter and watch as it turns into rich black gold! Ideal for people in flats and apartments. Lightweight and easy to life and move around.

Why we like it
Not only is this unit make composting a breeze to do, it's also perfectly built for smallsized apartments where space is a challenge. It's ideal for novice composters and a great way to introduce your kids to composting. Because it is lightweight, it can be used by people of all ages.

The Product

Product name: Chutki Aerobic Home Composting Kit
Package contents: 16litre plastic bin with 3 mm holes to facilitate aerobic composting and one mediumsized Compost Maker Brick
Dimensions (cms): 33cms x 33cms x 38cms
Volume: 16l

It is an aerobic composting kit that converts your kitchen waste to compost.
Can handle 710 days' kitchen waste generated by a family of two.
Ideal for folks living in apartments and flats.
Usage Instructions
Every day, add kitchen waste to the bin and sprinkle compost maker block powder. Can take vegetable/fruit peels, leftover food, pooja flowers, garden waste and all other forms of organic waste. Compost Maker Brick deodorizes the waste to ensure there is no bad smell. More than 2 people in your family add more Chutki based on volume of waste generated. Each Chutki needs a rest of 4 weeks after it fills up to get converted to rich black gold!
Your Impact
Being responsible with your domestic waste is one of the easiest and most effective ways in which you can contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. By segregating your kitchen waste, you keep it from mixing with dry, recyclable waste, and ending up as a mess in landfills. What's more, you also get rich, nutritious compost that your vegetable garden will love. So, get composting today and watch the magic that takes place between kachra and kitchen.

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