Cold-Pressed Natural Sesame Oil,  500ml
Cold-Pressed Natural Sesame Oil,  500ml
Cold-Pressed Natural Sesame Oil,  500ml
Cold-Pressed Natural Sesame Oil,  500ml
Cold-Pressed Natural Sesame Oil,  500ml

Cold-Pressed Natural Sesame Oil, 500ml

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The Product

No kitchen is complete without cooking oil. And most of them do more harm to your body than good. Here's an organic multi-purpose oil that will let you make all that delicious food while making you healthier. Sesame oil can help boost dental health, reduce risk of osteoporosis, promote healthy hair, improve bone growth, treat anxiety and depression, aid in reducing the appearance of age spots, and protect against atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

This sesame oil is made from naturally-grown sesame seeds. It is made according to the traditional cold, wood-pressed method which retains maximum nutrients.

Product specifications

Product description: Cold-Pressed Natural Sesame Oil,  500ml
Package contains: Pack of 1 Cold-Pressed Natural Sesame Oil,  500ml
Ingredients: Sesame Seeds, Palm jaggery
Package Dimensions (cm): 6 x 4 x 16
Weight: 475g
Volume: 500ml

Your Impact

Cooking oil is an indispensable part of your household. Switch to a healthy alternative like natural groundnut oil to make your daily living tastier and healthier. Being a 100% natural product, you no longer have to worry about exposing your body to harmful preservatives and chemicals. With this purchase, you are also supporting farmers and producers who are choosing to go natural and chemical-free, and helping them find a market for their produce.

Why We Like It

We believe that you deserve the best! Unlike its counterparts, this sesame oil is made from naturally-grown groundnut seeds and is extracted following a centuries-old method that preserves nutrients and taste. It is free from any added chemicals and has numerous health benefits. Not only does it make your food taste lip-smacking, but it also helps take care of your hair, teeth and skin. And we think that's amazing!

Reethu Says

As I am constantly on the move, switching to a healthier oil is the best means for me to stay healthy. By this, I don't have to bid adieu to my favourite fried food and at the same time can improve my health!

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