Sirona Premium Adult Diaper Disposal Bags
Sirona Premium Adult Diaper Disposal Bags
Sirona Premium Adult Diaper Disposal Bags
Sirona Premium Adult Diaper Disposal Bags
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Sirona Premium Adult Diaper Disposal Bags

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The Product

Now bigger & better! Worried about disposing your sanitary & intimate products? Made in India, Sirona biodegradable disposable bags are great for hygienic disposal of intimate care products (sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, baby diapers, condoms, PeeBuddy) or other products which need discreet disposal. No more black plastic bags, no more newspaper. Now you can dispose of your hygiene products in an ecofriendly manner!

Product specifications:

Available quantities:

Pack of 10 bags

Pack of 20 bags (2 Packs of 10 Bags Each)

Pack of 30 bags (3 Packs of 10 Bags Each)

Pack of 60 bags (2 Packs of 30 bags each)

Dimensions (cms): 23 cm X 1.5 cm X 18 cm. 

Weight: 300g

Material: Oxodegradable plastic 

Partner story

Often we are in a fix to dispose of our sanitary products like pads and diapers. Even as we try to reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives, how can we dispose of sanitary products without a polythene bag? The next best option is a newspaper although it doesn't help in cases of diapers and used tampons. The 'I love clean' oxodegradable bags can be a wonderful, ecofriendly option for this purpose.

With a size to accommodate a small tampon or a heavier adult diaper, these bags are easy to carry and hygienic to dispose of.

Your impact

Many of us are used to using disposable sanitary products. While we strongly advocating shifting to more sustainable products, we understand that change might take time. But with every napkin, tampon or diaper you discard, you can change the way it impacts the environment. Instead of an ecoharming plastic bag, why not opt for these degradable plastic that will help reduce the burden on the earth? Each fraction counts and you can start your impact on nature right here!

Why we like it

Plastic is a huge menace to the environment but how do we stop using a material that is found everywhere from packaging to storage? Perhaps one step at a time is the way to go ahead. And with these degradable bags, we can reduce the monthly even daily waste that we create. The bags come in a size that fits all tampons, pads and biggersized adult diapers. So you can carry a pack everywhere you go and create environmental impact in your capacity!

Tanvi says

It is especially during travels that disposing of pads and tampons becomes a huge messy deal. I don't have access to newspaper everywhere and even if I do, in case the garbage bin has liquid contents, the newspaper I have wrapped my sanitary products is sure to give up. Plastic, however efficient in dealing with such issues, is a problem in itself. That's why I love these degradable bags so much. They have the advantages of plastic but not its shortcomings. A winwin for you and the environment!

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