Gobble Duo 2-Tier Indoor Mini Home Composting Kit
Gobble Duo 2-Tier Indoor Mini Home Composting Kit
Gobble Duo 2-Tier Indoor Mini Home Composting Kit
Gobble Duo 2-Tier Indoor Mini Home Composting Kit
Gobble Duo 2-Tier Indoor Mini Home Composting Kit
Gobble Duo 2-Tier Indoor Mini Home Composting Kit
Daily Dump

Gobble Duo 2-Tier Indoor Mini Home Composting Kit

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The Product

This miniature composter is ideal for the single person who cooks. Or a couple who does not cook frequently. It fits snugly into a tight spot and adds charm to composting. It can handle about 400gms of kitchen waste everyday and is very light and easy to shift around. It easily fits into tight spaces like small apartments, balconies and staircases. It converts 400 gm of kitchen waste every day into nutrientrich compost without any foul smell, keeping 144kgs of waste out of landfills every year. It's the ideal composter to help you start waste management at home and do your part to help Swachh Bharat because it makes composting visible, beautiful and doable.

Package contains: 

  • 2 vertical stack composter buckets
  • Free 1kg Compost Maker Remix Powder
  • A pair of gloves
  • User manual.

Dimensions (cms): 30 x 30 x 60

Weight: 2kg

Material: Plastic

Ideal for

  • Apartments, tight spaces, small balconies
  • Single person who cooks. Or a couple who does not cook frequently.
  • Takes 400g kitchen waste per day.


1. Composts all kitchen waste:

Gobble Duo composts all kitchen and organic waste into rich fertiliser in just 4 to 6 weeks. You can put in cooked or uncooked foods, fruits and vegetable peels, tea bags (paper ones with the string and stapler pin), flowers, etc. Just make sure you use Compost Maker Powder generously to cover your waste for hassle and foul odourfree composting.

2. Compact and modular

These stack composters take their inspiration from our first terracotta stack composter the Kambha. Being compact, Gobble occupies less than 1 sq ft of floor space. Its modular design makes replacement of parts simple and cost effective. They are also light and easy to shift and lift in the process of composting.

3. Effective aeration

Breathers regulate moisture and airflow optimally. When oxygen circulates in the pile it releases carbon dioxide which is odourless. A lack of oxygen causes the release of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide which are smelly gases. Daily Dump composting is smell free the breathers and Compost Maker Powder provides air gaps for oxygen and absorbs moisture.

4. Easy, hasslefree process

Daily Dump's Gobble follows a single step aerobic process of composting. You just have to put in your add organic waste and cover it with compost maker remix powder every day, and let Nature do its magic. No hassle of removing the compost midway, transferring it to bags and allowing it to cure. You can remove the final compost, only when its completely done. The compost can be fed to plants by mixing with the existing soil.

5. Durable

The brown coloured units require negligible cleaning or maintenance. They are also unbreakable.

How to use

1. Layer your kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily for smell free and fool proof composting. If you are using Remix, you do not need to stir daily.

2. Wipe the water that condenses on the underside of the lid to avoid flies.

3. Wipe off any tiny eggs that are laid on the inside of the lid or the units.

4. Using the correct amount of Remix Powder ensures that you have smell free composting.

5. For outdoor use only. For use on a balcony, terrace or garden. Requires a sheltered area away from direct rain.

6. Harvest compost every time the base unit is full (about every 6 weeks.)

Your Impact

Every installed Gobble Duo keeps about 12kgs of waste from landfills every month. That's a whopping 144kgs per year! A single person can manage waste comfortably for life with a single Gobble Duo. Yes, this can hold your daily waste everyday, for years to come and cut down your organic waste in volume by 80%!

What's more, you can make 100% natural, homemade compost that your garden will enjoy! You keep all your organic waste out of landfills a small but powerful way for citizens to do their bit to make their environments cleaner and give back to Mother Earth.

Why we like it

Gobble is a lightweight composting system which is suitable for all from beginners to composting experts. From the very young to the elderly, everyone can start composting easily. Once you begin composting at home, there's just no looking back! Every few weeks, the joy of harvesting rich, earthysmelling compost is a joy like no other. Plus, there's no better food for your plants than what you feed them from your kitchen. We have watched our plants thrive with homemade compost. Because compost retains moristure, it also reduces the frequency of watering, and saves on water bills.

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