Naturally Dyed Ajrakh Black Paisley Dhol Sling Bag
Naturally Dyed Ajrakh Black Paisley Dhol Sling Bag
Naturally Dyed Ajrakh Black Paisley Dhol Sling Bag
Naturally Dyed Ajrakh Black Paisley Dhol Sling Bag

Naturally Dyed Ajrakh Black Paisley Dhol Sling Bag

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The Product

This gorgeous handcrafted round sling bag in black and maroon ajrakh fabric has delicate paisley patterns. The crossbody bag has one big and spacious compartment for your cash, wallet, car keys and also one zip pocket inside for your cards. There is also a small zip pocket at the back of the bag. This lightweight bag has an adjustable strap so you can adjust accordingly and use it even as a cross body. It is a great choice for an everyday bag as well as an outing bag. The interior of the bag has a water resistant quality.

Product Specifications

Product description: Naturally Dyed Ajrakh Black Paisley Dhol Sling Bag

Package contains: 1 Naturally Dyed Ajrakh Black Paisley Dhol Sling Bag

Material: Ajrakh Cotton 

Colour: Black and Maroon

Dimensions (cms): 24 x 24 x 7.6

Weight: 170g

What is Ajrakh?

Ajrakh is a unique form of blockprinting that originated in the Sindh region and occupied an important place in Sindhi customs and culture. Today, this centureis old craft continues to be practised in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, especially by the nomadic communities of Kutch.  Ajrakh artists create patterns using complex geometry. The resulting designs are intricate tesellations in indigo, madder, black, and white across lengths of cloth. The shapes and motifs of Ajrakh echo Islamic architectural forms found in the intricate jali windows and trefoil arches still visible in the structures of the Mughal period.

This level of geometric precision comes from woodblock printing in which prints are transferred from geometric shapes etched on the wooden blocks by pressing them hard on the fabric. This technique goes far back and is beleived to have been first used in ancient China before it was adopted by the people of the Indus Valley. It is interesting to note that Ajrakh artisans continue to use this ageold technique today to produce an ajrakh. All Ajrakh textile is made with natural dyes including both vegetable and mineral dyes. Indigo is a key colourant used in Ajrakh but pomegranate seeds, gum, flour of Kachika and Dhavadi and alizarine are other materials used to derive the rich crimson, mustard, black and white hues of the fabric.

Your Impact

This sling bag belongs to The Upcycle Project, born out of Chanchal's process of excellence where every piece of fabric is used. This collection has been put together using the fabric left over from their various other collections. Sustainability is not a choice for us. It is built into our DNA, say the founders of Chanchal and, by supporting this brand, you are making an ecofriendly choice to support fabric upcycling a process that keeps thousands of tons of textile waste out of landfills everyday.

What's more, the fabrics are sourced directly from weaving houses and cooperatives and every bag is handcrafted using traditional techniques. This means that with every bag you buy, you're encouraging Indian crafts and helping provide our artisans a sustainable livelihood.

Why we like it

The intricately patterned sling really stands out from the crowd by combining a centuries old craft with a contemporary design. Each bag is truly one of a kind since it is handcrafted and carries the signatures of the artistic process. It is roomy enough to carry all your daily essentials and it transitions easily from a casual day out to a more evening occasion, pairing equally well with an Indian ensemble as with Western outfits. 

Sakshi says

As someone who's always on the lookout for traditional, handmade accessories featuring Indian textile, this pretty sling bag is a fantastic find! The sizing makes it easy to carry when I'm travelling and provides lots of room to carry stuff like passport, keys, phones, cosmetics and wallet. It's also a great option as a gift for a friend or sister who loves handlooms.

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