Clay Water Bottle
Clay Water Bottle
Clay Water Bottle
Clay Water Bottle
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Clay Water Bottle

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Clay matkas are a timetested way of storing and cooling water. Now you can enjoy this ancient technology with a modern twist. This clay bottle keeps water cool the natural way, with natural materials. No plastic, no chemicals!

Why we like it

This beautiful earthen water bottle takes us back to summer holidays spent at our grandaparents' homes, drinking cool, naturally sweet, refreshing water out of clay matkas. This bottle keeps water cool and makes a safe, ecofriendly alternative to plastic.

The Product:

A perfect substitute for plastic bottles, this clay bottle keeps water cool without using any electricity. This makes it the perfect companion for summer. It's made of natural filtered clay, so there is no possibility of harmful chemicals leaching into your drinking water. The silicone cap is patented and foodgrade, lasts long, and is leakproof, so you can carry it on the go!

It may get a little damp on the outside, but that means it's working.

Contents: 1 clay water bottle

Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 10 cms

Capacity: 0.75 L

Weight: 250gms (empty), 850gms (full) approx.

Material: Body is made of clay, cap is made of foodgrade silicone.

The Artisans

The makers of the bottles live in villagers in Muthsandra, near Bengaluru. Profits from the sales of these bottles directly support their livelihood. Successfully running their own businesses gives the artisans in rural India the opportunity to forge a new, better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Your Impact

Every time you buy an ecofriendly product, you are supporting businesses that use sustainable materials and methods. By reducing your dependence on plastic, you protect yourself and the environment from harmful, polluting materials. Your action also creates a market for products made by rural artisans and contributes to improving their livelihoods.

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