Anti-Theft Aerator 6 LPM- Pack of 2
Anti-Theft Aerator 6 LPM- Pack of 2
Anti-Theft Aerator 6 LPM- Pack of 2
Anti-Theft Aerator 6 LPM- Pack of 2
Anti-Theft Aerator 6 LPM- Pack of 2
Anti-Theft Aerator 6 LPM- Pack of 2

Anti-Theft Aerator 6 LPM- Pack of 2

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The Product

This cool water-saving device easily fits on to your tap to save up to 80% of the water that would have otherwise been used with a normal tap! It can easily be retrofitted onto most standard taps, with no compromise on your wash experience. Get them in packs of 1, 2 or 3 adaptors to fit into all the heavy use taps in your home!
The Dual-thread feature on the shell can accommodate both male and female threaded taps. These shells have threads on the internal & external wall; thus making it suitable for most Indian taps. Aerators of foam flow or shower flow can be selected as per the preference of an individual.

  • With 6 L/M foam flow aerator, you save water and reduce water bill.
  • Suitable for home, Hotels, Schools, Hospital & Airports (Washbasin & Sink taps)
  • Anti-Clogging Filter. Resistant to scaling.
  • Size- M (Fits in 22mm diameter) 

Product Specifications:

Product Description: Anti-Theft Aerator 6 LPM- Pack of 2

Package contains: 2 Anti-Theft Aerator 6 LPM

Dimensions (cms): 7.2cm x 7.7cm x 3cm 

Weight: 45g

Your Impact

Leaky faucets waste thousands of litres of freshwater each year. While we focus on these situations only in institutions & offices, this can also apply to homes & apartment to cut costs and save water. Aerating filters combat this by reducing water flow by upto 80 %!

Why we like it

Of course, the answer to the current water crisis is not always shorter showers. Your taps matter too and we just cannot shower enough praise on this revolutionary way of saving water. The easy installation and powerful spray make it easy to adopt and gives you the same flow experience as regular high-pressure taps. As the threat of dry taps looms low, this is a device every smart, responsible home of the future must have.

Serene says

Water conservation just got a lot more easier with this device! I can save upto 80% on my water bill too! How awesome is that!

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