Restroom CARE - Natural Toilet Cleaner
Restroom CARE - Natural Toilet Cleaner
Restroom CARE - Natural Toilet Cleaner
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Restroom CARE - Natural Toilet Cleaner

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This natural cleaning solution can be used to clean all your bathroom fittings toilet bowls, sinks, showers and taps. What's more, it's nontoxic, which means it is free of synthetic chemicals and keeps you safe from exposure to carcinogenic chemicalbased commercial cleaners. So, stop flushing and start saving today!

The Product
Product name: Restroom CARE Natural Toilet Cleaner
Package contents: 1 Restroom CARE Natural Toilet Cleaner
Dimensions (cms): 30cms x 10cms x 8cms
Net Volume (ml): 500ml

Proprietary Blend of Bacteria <0.5% W/W
Fatty alcohol amide <0.2% W/W
Nonionic (Fatty Acid Ester) <5.0% W/W
Preservatives <0.1% W/W
Perfume <0.5% W/W
Citric acid + Mild acid <0.1% W/W
Colour Q.S.

Restroom CARE is a highly effective biological washroom cleaner that works by degrading organic soiling to completely eradicate stain and odours. Use on porous washroom surfaces such as flooring and tile grouting, and especially around urinals and toilets where soiling has been absorbed below the surface. Restroom CARE will remove calcium deposits on toilet bowls, sinks, showers, taps and fittings. Use to clean all washroom fittings.

Highly effective against odour. Pleasant citrus fragrance. No harmful properties. Formulated to spray. Recommended to use with Biological Urinal Blocks

Restroom CARE can be used on porous washroom surfaces in Western/ Indian toilets, urinals, ceramic pans and tiles, stainless steel fittings, glass mirrors in restrooms, polymer pans, receptacles, and sinks/ basins.
DO NOT use on marble floors or walls. It may stain them. For marble floors use Surface CARE or Stain CARE.
Odour Problems: Spray or swab contaminated surfaces, work well into the soling with a clean damp cloth or damp mop. Leave to work for a few minutes before wiping away any excess liquid. Do not rinse but allow to dry slowly. Repeat on aged problems. Spray and wipe contaminated and soiled areas regularly.
Mop Application Severe odor use 1:1 with water. General maintenance 1:10 parts with water.
Sink & Waste Outlets Pour a little into sink & urinal outlets during quiet periods or at night. The use of disinfectant, bleach or caustic substances will destroy the microorganisms used in this technology.

How to use
Apply the solution with reference to the dilution chart. Scrub the surfaces thoroughly using a hard nylon brush and leave the surfaces in this condition for 1015 minutes.
Rinse with fresh water while scrubbing using a hard nylon brush.

Your Impact
At a time when millions of people world over do not have access to clean drinking, the Earth's water supply is being depleted one flush at a time. Every time you flush a toilet, 3 litres of fresh water go down the drain. In one year, a modern toilet uses up enough fresh water to quench the thirst of 14 families in Rajasthan for a whole year! As we enjoy the privilege of access to water, we also have the responsibility to take care of what we have and rejuvenate the well we borrow from. These cleaners not only help you save water and cut down on your water bills, but also keep you safe from the carcinogenic chemicalbased cleaners available in the market.

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