Amla Juice 500ml.
Amla Juice 500ml.
Amla Juice 500ml.
Amla Juice 500ml.
Amla Juice 500ml.
Amla Juice 500ml.

Amla Juice 500ml.

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The Product

Remember the times when you wanted to quench your thirst or just cool yourself down and you would grab a pack of juice? It was probably loaded with preservatives and toxins. It is time to add a bit of tang to your healthy living with Nutriorg Amla Juice!

Made from organic amla that is produced in the company's own certified organic farms without the use of any pesticides or toxins, Nutriorg Amla Juice is 100% pure and unadulterated.

Packed with nutrients, amla is believed to have numerous health benefits and is widely used for medicinal purposes. Being rich in Vitamin C and Calcium, amla is said to help in boosting immunity, metabolism and prevention of some of the common viral and bacterial diseases. Amla Juice is said to help in flushing out dangerous toxins from your body and is believed to be an excellent means for detoxification and weight loss. A daily dose of amla juice will also help you in strengthening your liver and maintaining healthy hair, clear skin, and good eyesight.

Adopt Nutriorg Amla Juice in to your daily routine to lead a healthy life!

How to use: Mix 30ml of Nutriorg Amla Juice with 3 parts of luke warm water and consume twice a day (morning and evening) on an empty stomach.

Product Specifications:

Product description: Nutriorg Amla Juice 500ml
Package contains: Pack of 1 Nutriorg Amla Juice 500ml
Product Type: Vegetarian
Ingredients: Organic amla
Package Dimensions (cm): 21 x 11 x 10.83
Weight: 510g

Your Impact

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes a cumbersome task when you are laden with responsibilities. Nutriorg Amla Juice is your go to solution for not only maintaining good health, but also in preventing some common diseases. Be it taking care of your hair, eyes, skin, liver or helping you in boosting your immunity or detoxification, daily intake of Nutriorg Amla Juice is the perfect health companion.

Why We Like It

Amla juice is not hard to find in the market. But how many of the available products can guarantee 100% purity? Loaded with preservatives and artificial flavours, these products could have a negative impact on your health rather than a positive one. That is where Nutriorg's Amla Juice comes into the picture. With the amla used produced from the company's own organic certified farms, you can be assured of their quality.

Reethu says

Nutriorg Amla Juice is the perfect choice for health conscious individuals who hardly have the time to focus on their health. Being healthy no longer means compromising with taste.

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