How to Weigh an Elephant - Children's Picture Book
How to Weigh an Elephant - Children's Picture Book

How to Weigh an Elephant - Children's Picture Book

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The Product

The books a child reads goes a long way in shaping who they become. Here's a fun read that your child will love!

This story of King's favourite elephant and how the people try to weigh it will surely set your little one on a giggling spree! The gorgeous illustrations inside are thought-provoking and will help your child to easily connect with the story. 

Product Specifications:

Product description: How to Weigh an Elephant - Children's Picture Book
Package contains: Pack of 1 book
Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 0.4
Authors: Geeta Dharmarajan
Weight: 500g

Your Impact

Reading is an integral part of childhood. Make bedtime a fun affair with this tale of the king's favourite elephant! Through this purchase, you are helping to empower children as the makers of this product work towards making reading and quality education accessible to children in poverty.

Why We Like It

This fun book can easily get your child to fall in love with reading! Each purchase contributes toward making education accessible for children in poverty, and we think that's amazing!

Reethu Says

Whether it is to get your child to bed or to end their tantrums, this fun read will be your saviour! The attractive illustrations are a great means to win over children and inculcate reading habits in them!

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