Waterproof Wet Bag - Chillin' Pines
Waterproof Wet Bag - Chillin' Pines
A Toddler Thing

Waterproof Wet Bag - Chillin' Pines

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The Product

Wet bags are 100% waterproof, lightweight bags that can be used to store soiled diapers and inserts until laundry. They are also extremely useful when you're travelling and need to store used diapers for short periods of time. They can also be used as swim bags to store wet clothes after a swim. The bag has 2 compartments: 

  • One can be used to store diapers and the smaller pouch can be used to store used reusable wipes, inserts etc. until laundry.
  • One wet bag can contain 23 diapers.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Resists bad odours and stains

Product specifications:

Product Description: Small Waterproof Wet Bag Chillin' Pines

Package contains: 1 Small Waterproof Wet Bag Chillin' Pines

Dimensions (cms): 24 x 24

Weight: 65g

Machine washable.

Partner Story

Entrepreneurs Swathi and Ashwanth based in Coimbatore started A Toddler Thing upon realising that a little baby's tender skin is exposed to nearly 50 different chemicals while using disposable diapers! A Toddler Thing aims to change the way new parents approach diapering by making choices that are good for their babies and for the environment.

Your Impact

Benefits to your baby and her health: A little baby's skin is exposed to nearly 50 different chemicals while using disposable diapers, which leads to allergies, rashes, and many other chronic infections. With cloth nappying comes a smaller chance for irritation and rash, and exposure to almost zero harsh chemicals. Babies also tend to be potty trained earlier than with disposable nappies.

Benefits to the environment: Undoubtedly, cloth diapers are the wiser choice for a cleaner planet. Babies generate 2.4 million tonnes of plastic waste through the use of disposable diapers every year  enough waste to cover the distance between the Moon and Planet Earth 15 times. Disposable diapers are made of a combination of nonbiodegradable materials like plastic and synthetic additives that take over 500 years to decompose if they are exposed to enough sunlight and air. However, most diapers end up in landfills where they are buried under piles of waste, polluting the soil and groundwater. In fact, disposable diapers are the 3rd largest consumer item in landfills, and represent 30% of nonbiodegradable waste in the entire world.

Why we like it

If you are trying to reduce your waste, reusable diapers are one of the easiest and best choices to make. They're ecofriendly, for sure. But they're also more economical than disposables, saving you a whole bunch of money. Most importantly, because they are made of soft cotton cloth, they are soft on a baby's skin and protect her from exposure to nasty chemicals. Plus, who doesn't love a baby in cute and colourful diapers!

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