Eco-Friendly, Natural Coconut Fibre (Coir) Loofah
Eco-Friendly, Natural Coconut Fibre (Coir) Loofah
Astu Eco

Eco-Friendly, Natural Coconut Fibre (Coir) Loofah

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The Product

Make this ecofriendly coir loofah part of your daily hygiene routine and your body will thank you for not exposing it to harsh plastic alternative! It is effective for scrubbing your body, and safe for your skin. It gently exfoliates your skin, removes dead skin and leaves you with smooth, soft skin. Once immersed in water, it becomes soft and spongy which is good for body scrubbing.
Not only is it reusable, but because it is made of a natural material, it is also 100% biodegradable, so once you're done using the loofah, just throw it in the trash and forget about it. No garbage, no guilt!

Unlike plastic loofahs which are ridden with chemicals and dues, this one is as close to nature as possible. It helps you reduce your footprint. So now you're not just keeping yourself clean, but the environment, too! Together we can make an impact to our surroundings, our apartment blocks, our neighbourhood, our city and leave a better place for the coming generations.

Product specifications:

Description: Coir loofah (bath scrubber)

Package contains: 1 loofah

Dimensions (cms): 13 x 8.9 x 0.5

Weight: 11g

Partner Story

Behind Astu Eco are two enterprising and innovative women: Anitha Shankar and Tejshree Madhu who went from 'armchair green supporters to active environmentalists'. The duo started the enterprise with an intent to rid India of the plastic menace that is rampant today.

It was deeply disturbing to see plastic litter everywhere, on road sides, in parks, in lakes and water bodies, in landfills and in the garbage pile next to education institutes. We were traumatised by the sheer mess of growing garbage on our roadsides and the painful visuals of our urban domestic animals feeding on plastic in the garbage. The story was almost the same in every large city we went. It appeared that the garbage and plastic menace stood unchallenged. And all the cities collective misery festered. And elsewhere in the world, turtles, dolphins, goats, sheep, fish and many innocent animals were dying a painful death because they ate plastic. It was heart wrenching. To just watch.

That is when we decided to move from being armchair green supporters to active environmentalists.

And Astu Eco was born. A sustainable business that makes ecofriendly products that are alternatives to harmful disposable plastic.

Your Impact

Alternatives to simple daily use products such as toothbrushes and straws made of natural materials like bamboo and coir are quickly becoming an essential in many households, because of their ecofriendliness, biodegradability and overall safety for the body and health. While a plastic product will sit in a landfill forever and release toxic chemicals as it decays, an ecofriendly one naturally decomposes after it has been disposed of. In our already overpolluted world, this is why switching over to products made of chemicalfree earthfriendly products is so crucial.

Why we like it

While switching to a natural body scrubber may seem like an insignificant change, data shows that we could all make a big difference if we each committed to doing things a better way by making small changes to our daily routines. When we say this product is the best, we don't just mean it's the best for you. It's also what's best for the planet!

Maya says

This coir loofah makes it very easy to embrace zero waste living without making any major changes to my lifestyle and habits. Once immersed in water, it becomes spongy and soft, making it gentle on the body. I love the fact that besides being the right choice for the environment, it's safer for my body, too.

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