Tasty Mighty Puff - Choco Ragi - Healthy Snack for Kids (Pack of 8) - 200g
Tasty Mighty Puff - Choco Ragi - Healthy Snack for Kids (Pack of 8) - 200g
Tasty Mighty Puff - Choco Ragi - Healthy Snack for Kids (Pack of 8) - 200g
Tasty Mighty Puff - Choco Ragi - Healthy Snack for Kids (Pack of 8) - 200g
Tasty Mighty Puff - Choco Ragi - Healthy Snack for Kids (Pack of 8) - 200g
Tasty Mighty Puff - Choco Ragi - Healthy Snack for Kids (Pack of 8) - 200g
Slurrp Farm

Tasty Mighty Puff - Choco Ragi - Healthy Snack for Kids (Pack of 8) - 200g

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The Product

100% natural munchies filled with the goodness of ragi and jowar in a yummy chocolate flavour. This light, crunchy, tasty snack is made with quality natural ingredients with no preservatives, artificial flavours, and absolutely no maida. Unlike the snacks that fill the market, these munchies are not fried and have zero transfat. In fact, they are loaded with the benefits of supergrains and make the perfect anytime snacking options for all ages. 

Product specifications:

Product description: Tasty Mighty Puff  Choco Ragi  Healthy Snack for Kids (Pack of 8)

Package contains: Pack of 8 Tasty Mighty Puff  Choco Ragi Healthy Snack for Kids

Product Type: Vegetarian

Ingredients: Ragi, jowar, chocolate

Package Dimensions (cm): 19 x 13.5 x 3.5

Weight: 200g

Partner story

Behind all the yumminess at Slurrp Farm are two women entrepreneurs and mothers Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik who were on the lookout for healthy, high quality food options for their own children. They felt that there are several problems with the food chain today refined flours, transfat, preservatives, artificial flavouring etc. and felt the need to change how we are eating as a society.

After intensive research, they found a similar sentiment being shared by parents of other young children too. Realising the huge gap of available options that passed their own scrutiny, they decided to embark on a journey to provide healthy, tasty and natural food for children.

Along the way, they tested many different recipes using the best possible ingredients to create a unique and distinctive flavour. They also tried to incorporate Indian food traditions into their recipes which always start at our home and are perfected in consultation with nutritionists and pediatricians, to make them healthy and tasty!

Some of the early recies were tested with some pretty tough little customers: preschoolers. They tried Slurrp Farm's first six recipes and shared their thoughts. Since children don't lie (or spare your feelings!) the choice was clear and Slurrp Farm was born with the aim to change the way families eat.

What followed was a quest to find a way to make what tastes delicious in a home kitchen, taste the same on a shelf when it reaches your hands, without adding anything to it. Today, Slurrp Farm makes natural, healthy food without any stabilisers, colours or preservatives.

Founder Speak

At Slurrp Farm, we are passionate about raising awareness of healthy eating for children and giving busy parents like us, convenient food options which are as good as what we would make at home. Our recipes always start at home, from amongst our friends and families. After many home trials, we perfect them in consultation with nutritionists and pediatricians.  

Your impact

Are you frustrated with a market that's flooded with junk food and fried snacks for kids food full of preservatives, taste enhancers, oil, colours, sugar and salt? Are you on the lookout for a snack that's wholesome and nutritious while also appealing to tiny taste buds? Then your search ends here! This snack is full of old school happiness, none of the harmful stuff. It is a great way to include some whole grains, fibre and calcium in your kid's diet without compromising on crunch and taste. A happy kid a happy parent, after all. With your purchase, you are sending out a message that you stand for good food that's natural, healthy and tasty. These chocolatey snacks add a bit of fun to it all!

Why we like it

Kids' snacks usually get a bad rap for being low on nutrition and high in calories, bad fats, salt and sugar. But, this cocoafilled, whole grain snack changes all that. It offers benefits for both kids and parents. It makes a nutritious yet yummy snack that's wholesome, making it the perfect choice if you want to something quick yet healthy. 

Maya says

I am always on the lookout for snacks that are healthy yet delicious and crunchy. These yummy ragi puffs are light and tasty and right up my alley.  Guiltfree happiness for kids and grown ups. I hope to make them a part of my child's snack box or keep it in my bag for a quick power snack or to beat those 5PM cravings.

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