Organic Red Chilli Powder, 100g
Organic Red Chilli Powder, 100g
Organic Red Chilli Powder, 100g
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Organic Red Chilli Powder, 100g

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Although chillies are not native to India, they have found a home in our kitchens. Chilli peppers are available throughout the year to add colour, heat and flavour to our dishes. The humble chilli even has medicinal properties and if eaten moderately has curative effects on ones body. There are over 400 varieties in the world.
There are several varieties of chillies  each unique in its colour and flavour. The Spice Board of India identifies eighteen varieties of chillies that are grown in different parts of the country. These include Bird's eye chilli (dhani), Byadagi (kaddi and daggi), Ellachipur Sannam, Guntur Sannam, Hindpur, Jwala, Kanthari White, Kashmiri Chilli, Madhya Pradesh Sannam, Madras Puri, Nagpur, Nalchetti, Ramnad Mundu, Sangli Sannam, Sattur, Mundu, Tadappally and Tomato Chilli.

Your Impact

Health impact

By now, the benefits of organic food to human and environmental health are well known. By adopting an organic diet, we safeguard our bodies against the many toxic chemicals used in agriculture, and ensure that the food we eat is tastier, safer, and far richer in nutrients. Brown rice, unlike polished white rice, has far more health benefits since it retains the full nutrition of the whole grain which is lost when grains are polished and processed.

Environmental impact

Going organic is also an important step to trigger a cycle of sustainability that protects the soil's fertility and keeps water bodies free from chemical pollution. In short, it is one of the best steps we can take to ensure that our future generation has access to safe natural resources and good, healthy food.

Social impact

By being part of the organic food revolution, you give thousands of rural farmers a reason to move away from poisonous chemical inputs. When they have a steady, reliable market for their products, it becomes economically viable for more and more Indian farmers to adopt the organic way that uses natural manures and plantbased pesticides, keeping them and their farms safe.

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