Sticky Black Rice
Sticky Black Rice
Sticky Black Rice
The Good Food Company

Sticky Black Rice

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Nutty and with a dark purple beauty, this rice packs a toothsome punch. It is also a rich source of iron, protein and calcium. Add some colour to your diet by swapping it with plain white rice. It makes a great addition to wraps and salads, and brings a wholesome texture to ricebased kheers and desserts.

Why we like it
Besides its gorgeous colour, we love the texture and nutty flavour this rustic rice brings to familiar dishes like salads and payasams.

The Product

Product name: Sticky Black Rice, 900gms
Package contents: Sticky Black Rice, 900gms
Dimensions (cms): 35.56cms x 25.4cms x 7.87cms
Weight: 900gms
Ingredients: Sticky black rice

Long grained, aromatic and shiny black in colour, The Good Food Company's sticky black rice is a rare superfood. It is softly milled only, so that the outer bran layer remains intact, which makes it super rich in nutrients. It contains almost 4 times more protein, 3 times more iron and 50 times more calcium than milled white rice. To top off everything, it is one of the most veritable sources of anthocyanin, a plantbased antioxidant, which also imparts it the signature black colour. It has a pleasant nutty taste and will retain its rich, dark colour even after cooking.

Usage Instructions
This rare superfood can be added to wraps, soups, salads, used for making puddings and kheers, or it can be consumed in place of regular rice. The options are endless.

The Growers
This rice is sourced from a community in West Bengal, who are trying very hard to revive this rare crop. It is grown on small family farms in a sustainable manner, using organic products of the farm itself, ensuring a superior quality produce and a small carbon footprint.

Your Impact
Treat yourself to one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. This black rice is a rare variety of heirloom rice that supports sustainable farming and makes it economically viable for rural communities to continue growing this fast disappearing variety.

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