Eco-Friendly Hemp Scarf  - Ocean
Eco-Friendly Hemp Scarf  - Ocean
Eco-Friendly Hemp Scarf  - Ocean
Eco-Friendly Hemp Scarf  - Ocean
Eco-Friendly Hemp Scarf  - Ocean

Eco-Friendly Hemp Scarf - Ocean

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A stylish stole made of 100% soft, breathable hemp which is a natural plant fibre. It features a delicate self pattern making it a versatile accessory that's easy to pair with everyday ensembles for a classy, elegant look.

Dimensions: 158cms x 35cms

Material: 100% hemp

Weight: 30g

Why hemp?

The hemp plant has been around in India for centuries. Historically, people have have used it for various purposes. Communities nestled deep in the heart of the Himalayan mountains have developed techniques to extract oil, food (hemp seeds are also known as 'superfood', stock feed, medicines and textile to make clothes, shoes and bags from this incredible plant.  There are many different types of hemp plants. Wild hemp, also called industrial hemp, refers to the nonpsychoactive (less than 1% THC) variety of Cannabis Sativa L. Both hemp and marijuana come from the same cannabis species, but are genetically distinct and further distinguished by use and cultivation method.

Here's what makes the fabric from hemp truly one of a kind:

It requires 50% less water than cotton to grow.

It is naturally antimicrobial.

It is more breathable than cotton and linen.

It blocks out 50% more ultra violet rays than cotton. Even when only 50% hemp is used in a textile product, it is still able to offer the same level of UV blockage.  

It grows faster than other similar plants, so has a higher yield for lesser effort.

It is naturally resistant to fungus and insects, so does not require any pesticides.

It restrains or suppresses weed growth.

It is sustainable, comfortable and super stylish.

The Artisans

The making of this scarf closely involves indigenous Himalayan communities in India and Nepal who participate in every step from harvesting the fibre to manufacturing of the fabrics. The benefits from the sale of these products are passed on to the cultivators, artisans, factory workers and manufacturers in the community and contribute towards improving lives and livelihoods.

Your Impact

This is more than a fashionable product, it is made in ways that are ecologically responsible, uses low impact materials, minimises the use of nonreplenishable resources, and positively impacts the communities involved in the supply chain.

Why we like it

Wrapped around your shoulders, this scarf feels like a warm hug. It is super soft, light and utterly luxurious. We also love that the stole came packaged in a biodegradable bag that turns into organic matter in 6 months. There's nothing quite like good, zerowaste fashion, is there!

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