Natural and Skin-Friendly Soapnut and Citrus Bioenzyme Kitchen Scrub, 750ml
Natural and Skin-Friendly Soapnut and Citrus Bioenzyme Kitchen Scrub, 750ml

Natural and Skin-Friendly Soapnut and Citrus Bioenzyme Kitchen Scrub, 750ml

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The Product

Native, natural, locally sourced, safe! That's the promise a chemicalfree cleaner makes to you. Free of the harsh synthetic ingredients in commercial cleaners, this blend of soapnut in pulpy citrus enzyme is a tough on grease but easy on your skin. The thick and pulpy part of the liquid can be used as a heavy duty cleaner. It also serves as a natural dish wash and hand wash. It's also very effective to clean greasy chimneys and oily, dirty areas. It is safe to use on steel and glass surfaces. It is a natural disinfectant that can be safely used around babies and pets. It is naturally ecofriendly as it lathers less and requires less water to wash off.

Product specifications:

Product description: Soapnut and Citrus Bioenzyme Kitchen Scrub

Package contains: Pack of 1 Soapnut and Citrus Bioenzyme Kitchen Scrub

Ingredients: Saponin extract from soapnuts blended with citrus peel enzyme.

Package Dimensions (cm): 9 x 9 x 28

Weight: 804g

Volume: 750ml

Usage instructions: 

To clean chimneys: Apply directly on the greasy area. Let it rest for 15 minutes, then wipe off with paper or cloth.

As a vessel wash: Dilute upto 10 times with water and use as vessel wash.

Partner story

After seeing her twoyearold daughter suffer from acute skin allergies, Smitha Kamath, a former Bengalurubased IT professional discovered that the root cause of the problem was an allergy caused by the child's exposure to chemicals and preservatives. Her research revealed that all of us are surrounded with chemicals in our daily lives from the milk we drink to the cleaners we use in our homes. That led Smitha to change her family's lifestyle by cutting down on preserved foods, shifting to locally grown produce and chemicalfree, often homemade personal care products. Her daughter's skin improved as did her health and energy levels. Along the way, she founded PraanaPoorna Collective a collective of coproducers that makes natural, organic body care products and cleaners. All the products are made by trained member of the local community using organically grown natural ingredients like soap nuts, shikakai, beeswax, and coconut oil. Since it sources this produce from nearby farmers, PraanaPoorna also supports farmers to revert to chemicalfree ways of cultivation. 

Founder Speak

Natural Cleaner Citrus Bioenzyme in combination with Soapnut and Shikakai can help us replace all the chemical cleaners. Shift our lifestyle towards zero landfill. We can sustainably work with the Earth's biocapacity, bringing abundance of life force into our lives. 

The Artisans

Today, PraanaPoorna has production units in 4 or 5 cities. The units are organised as community centres that are established and managed by local communities who are trained to make and sell the products, and directly benefit from their sale. 

Your Impact

Free yourself from chemical cleaners by switching to products that are safe for you and respect the earth's precious, finite resources. These products use locally sourced, natural ingredients and are made using traditional practices and knowledge which form part of India's cultural assets. By making the switch, you choose to protect your body and health from chemicals. You take the first step towards a sustainable lifestyle by saving water and keeping it safe for use by others. 

Why we like it

This twoinone cleaner fills your home with a zingy, citrusy odour, is soft on the skin, and a onestop natural solution for all your cleaning needs! We also love that PraanaPoorna follows a cradletocradle approach and packages in used plastic or glass bottles that can be further reused.

Maya says

PraanaPoorna's bioenzyme and soapnutbased cleaners have become a onestop solution for all my needs.  From shampoos to floor cleaners, they're all natural and safe for the skin. As someone with animals at home, I can safely use these products without worrying about any adverse reactions and allergies.

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