Soapstone Mortar and Pestle
Soapstone Mortar and Pestle

Soapstone Mortar and Pestle

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A soapstone mortar and pestle handcrafted by traditional artisans who have been practising this craft for generations. The soapstone mortar and pestle allows for quick crushing spices, herbs and more. It is sturdy and constructed with thick walls and base, making it ideal for making ginger garlic paste, chutneys and crushing spices like pepper etc.
Capacity 150 ml (approx)

Note: Since each piece is chiseled by hand, there is a chance for mild variation in size. The stone tends to chip when dropped, so handle with care.

Benefits of soapstone cookware:

Soapstone cookware heats food integrally, not just through the bottom of the pan, and keeps food hot for longer once heated, thus saving energy.

It is a natural material which means no harmful substances are released into the food

It is durable and retains its properties over time.

It is nonstick so less or no oil is needed, providing a healthy alternative to coated nonstick cookware.

Because soapstone naturally repels humidity, it is good for salt and spice storage.

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