Unisex Wallet (Geometric Print) - Created by Women Artisans from Hyderabad
Unisex Wallet (Geometric Print) - Created by Women Artisans from Hyderabad
Unisex Wallet (Geometric Print) - Created by Women Artisans from Hyderabad
Unisex Wallet (Geometric Print) - Created by Women Artisans from Hyderabad
Unisex Wallet (Geometric Print) - Created by Women Artisans from Hyderabad
Kriti Social Initiatives

Unisex Wallet (Geometric Print) - Created by Women Artisans from Hyderabad

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The Product:
Traditional kalamkari designs bring these compact, practical wallets alive. The unisex pouches have pockets dedicated to notes as well as coins. Made from the natural fibres of jute and cotton, they have dedicated card slots too! Kriti Kala has stitched the wallets in such a way that they wont bulge in your pockets. Compact, practical and traditionally designedtheres nothing stopping you from hitting that Buy It Now button!

Product specifications:
Dimensions When open: 25 cm (L) X 10 cm (H). When closed: 12.5 cm (L) X 10 cm (H)
Contents 1 geometric print unisex wallet.
Material Jute & cotton secured by a flap. 1 zipper pocket, 1 coin pocket and card slots on the inside.
Note: As with all upcycled products, the colours are dependent on the available material. So your bag may differ slightly from what is shown here, but the design and overall colour will always be the same.
Partner story:
To provide for their families, women in urban slums often have to give up on their skills in designing, tailoring and art. Kriti Kala is empowering several such families in Hyderabad and providing them with a platform to showcase their artistic talents. The women are trained in hand embroidery as well as financial literacy and armed with an opportunity to uplift themselves.
These useful skills give them access to a social and occupational network. It enables them to develop a sustainable livelihood in a safe environment, improves their quality of life, and builds a sense of agency.
Your impact:
A purchase from Kriti Kala will help you create a twofold impact. With just one click, you are empowering the Hyderabadi slum dwellers to get a sustainable livelihood and earn a respectable income. Since each product by the organisation is made using upcycled, ecofriendly products, you are also adding a green mark in your home and reducing your carbon footprint.
Improving livelihoods, empowering women and reducing the pollution of the environment, by opting for these products, you are making a criticala (Kriti Kala) decision!
Why we like it:
Going back to the traditional fabric designs of South India, this wallet looks simple and unique at the same time. The natural fibres that it is made from makes it ecofriendly and slots dedicated to coins, notes and cards make it super practical. If this is not a good enough bargain, what about we offer the fact that it empowers underprivileged women too?

Tanvi says:
The lovely colours are what I love about the wallet second only to its practicality. If I start counting the amount of money I have lost to fallen coins, Id be at loss for a number. And although many wallets in the market offer secure coin pockets, how many of them can confidently say that a purchase from you is contributing to the income of underprivileged women? Keep your money where you know its safe in the Kriti Kala wallets and with the amazing women they empower!

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