Purifit 10 Stage Shower and Tap Filter
Purifit 10 Stage Shower and Tap Filter
Purifit 10 Stage Shower and Tap Filter
Purifit 10 Stage Shower and Tap Filter
Purifit 10 Stage Shower and Tap Filter
Purifit 10 Stage Shower and Tap Filter

Purifit 10 Stage Shower and Tap Filter

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The Product

You can use the best products in the world to take care of your skin and hair. But, if the water you bath in daily is the reason behind that dry skin and lifeless hair, then all that effort goes in vain. Fret not, here's an easy solution that can fix your skin and hair problem!

Purifit Shower and Tap Filter features a unique 10 stage filtration system that can protect your skin and hair from harmful substances. Specially designed for the Indian household, it features a Premium Chrome Plated Design and a new vitamin C layer to enrich the water quality. With its versatile design, this filter can be easily fitted to any bath fixture - taps, wall showers, hand showers and overhead showers. The filtration system filters out Chlorine and reduces the effect of hard water on your skin and hair.


  • The Enforce Calcium Sulphate and activated carbon layer in the filter remove bacteria, chlorine, algae and harmful chemicals.
  • The Vitamin C layer can help to improve skin texture, enhances hair growth, fights dandruff and prevents premature greying of hair.
  • Neutralises hard-water salts and chlorine to prevent harmful effects on hair and skin.
  • The Alkaline Ball in the filter balances the pH level of water

How to check if your tap/faucet fits with Purifit Filter

Step 1: Find the tap aerator at the outlet/mouth of your tap
Step 2: Remove the aerator by rotating counter-clockwise. Use a Spanner if required.
Step 3: Measure the diameter of the aerator with a scale or a ruler.

Note: This pack contains an adaptor of size 24mm (male) that fits an aerator of size 22-24mm. Please refer to the image for detailed information on sizing and installation guidelines.

Purifit Certifications

CE Certification - European Conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold in Europe.

RoHS Certification - The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive is formulated by the European Union (EU) to regulate the use of toxic materials in devices, tools & systems.

Please refer to the image for sizing and installation guidelines.

Product Specifications

Product description: Purifit 10 Stage Shower and Tap Filter
Package contains: 1 Filter Housing, 2 Filter Cartridges, 1 Teflon Tape, 2 Washer, 1 User Manual and 1 Tap Connector
Dimensions (cm): 14 x 7.5 x 7.5
Material: Cartridge contains -Polypropylene Cotton, Activated Carbon, Mineral Ball, Stainless steel mesh, Polyphosphate Crystals (Food grade)
Weight: 570g

    Your Impact

    From hair fall and dandruff to skin irritation, harmful substances in water can cause numerous hair and skin problems. Purifit Shower and Tap Filter can give you the much-needed respite from hard water problems! This uniquely designed 10 stage filtration system ensures that all the harmful substance in the water - like Chlorine - are filtered out before the water reaches you!

    Why We Like It

    We believe that you deserve the best! With the rising pollution, clean and healthy water is almost impossible to find. This product gives an easy solution to the hard water problem to protect your skin and hair; we think that's amazing! 

    Reethu Says

    If you are someone who lives in an area with water of low quality, then this shower and tap filter is a must-have! It can help you end your war with hairfall and damaged skin!

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