All Natural, Disposable Sanitary Pads (Pack of 30)
All Natural, Disposable Sanitary Pads (Pack of 30)
All Natural, Disposable Sanitary Pads (Pack of 30)
All Natural, Disposable Sanitary Pads (Pack of 30)
All Natural, Disposable Sanitary Pads (Pack of 30)

All Natural, Disposable Sanitary Pads (Pack of 30)

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These earthfriendly, allnatural sanitary pads from Carmesi are made from cornstarch and bamboo fibre and are free of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. They protect you from rash and allergies during your period. They're super soft, comfortable, and come with a fully biodegradable disposal pouch. They are available in two sizes. Healthy for you, and healthy for the environment!


  • Made of completely natural ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • No harmful synthetics or chemicals
  • Feathersoft cover
  • No itching or rashes
  • Remains extra dry
  • Superior absorption
  • Complete leakage protection
  • Biodegradable disposal cover with each pad

Why we like them

These pads combine all the convenience of disposable plastic pads with the safety and comfort of cloth. They are soft, thin and easy on the environment, and offer you a period free of rash and irritation.

The Product

All natural, disposable sanitary pads (pack of 30)

Contents: Natural Sanitary Napkins

Made from:Cornstarch and bamboo fiber

Components:1 Box of 30 Sanitary pads, of the size selected


Regular :280mm, XL :315mm

Your Impact

Carmesi pads are safe for your body and better for the environment because they are made with completely natural ingredients without the use of any harmful synthetics or chemicals present in conventional plastic pads and tampons. The pads are made of plantbased materials like corn starch and bamboo fibre that keep your body free of rashes, irritation and allergies. The used pads can be safely discarded, and are biodegradable. Now you can enjoy all the convenience of disposable pads without any of the harmful synthetics they contain.  

Each Carmesi pad comes with a chic resealable disposal bag, for the convenient disposal of your pad after use. The bags, too, are completely biodegradable, and ensure that your periods do not contribute to the wounds of Mother Earth.

Millions of women in India lack access to proper menstrualcare products. Carmesi spends a part of its earnings in providing safe and healthy menstrual hygiene products to women in need. This way, every time you buy a box of Carmesi, you commit to helping an underprivileged woman manage her period with dignity.

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