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About Us

Hi there!  Welcome to The Better India Shop!  

We’re super thrilled to have awesome folk like you check us out, who share our belief  – that small changes made to our lives can add up to make a big difference!

The Better India Shop aims to bring together everything responsible, sustainable and natural under a single roof, so that you, as an informed individual can make the right choice as a buyer. 

All the products at our store are created by conscientious artisans, craftspeople, farmers, NGOs and innovators across the country.  

We have nifty water saving devices, organic foods, biodegradable cutlery, eco-friendly alternatives to daily use products,  traditional craft items, a whole host of natural personal care products, and much, much more!

Why Shop with us?

Well, because you’re a wonderful human being, of course!  But also, because every purchase you make on our store has a positive environmental or social impact. It contributes directly to the income of a hardworking individual, a passionate undertaking, a cleaner environment, or a social cause.  

In turn, we do your homework for you!  We make responsible shopping easy, by doing in-depth research into a brand’s sustainability initiatives and values, so that you can shop with brands whose values align with yours.

Every product that’s featured on The Better India Shop follows a stringent onboarding process.  Our enterprise partners are carefully vetted for authenticity, fair trade practices and ethical standards.  Broadly, they aim to fulfill one or more of these criteria:

  1. They give a direct income to village artisans or members of marginalized communities.
  2. They support traditional Indian arts and crafts.
  3. They are created by organizations that support people with disability.
  4. They create eco-friendly, sustainable or biodegradable products that are good for the environment
  5. They promote upcycling, reuse and recycling, or make eco-friendly alternatives for daily use products.
  6. They create amazing organic, natural products that are chemical and preservative free, and made in ways that are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Many of our partners are first-time sellers online, and your support will give them a much needed leg-up to improve and expand their trade, and bring their craft into the mainstream!

Need another reason to shop with us?  Well, we also happen to have one of the best return policies in the world!  Read on to find out more!

Easy returns – 365 days!

If you don’t like something you bought from us, you can return it.  Even after a year! We’ll accept your return and refund your money, no questions asked!  That’s our commitment to you!  Read our Returns Policy to find out more!

Your payments are 100% secure as well, and our team is always close at hand to address any issues you might face while placing or receiving your order.  Feel free to get in touch anytime, and we’d be delighted to assist you!

Feature on the store

Is there a type of product or enterprise you’d like to see featured on the shop? Let us know, and we’ll work with you to feature it on the store for you!  All you need to do is send us an email at and we’ll take it from there!

Sell with us!

Are you a responsible merchant that supports an environmental or social cause?  We’d be delighted to explore partnering with you to sell your products on The Better India Shop.  Just fill out your details here, or email us and we’ll get back to you with the next steps!



From a tiny team of two, The Better India’s team is now over forty-strong and growing.  Each of us is committed to creating a better space for everyone, curating the best products and spreading good, positive vibes!  We’re working to bring you more awesome products every day, so check in with us regularly to see what’s new at the store!

No, we don’t have a festive-only dress code at The Better India (yet), but we do like dressing up and goofing off from time to time.  Just be thankful you didn’t catch us at Halloween!

Our Blog

Life at The Better India is happy, colourful and chaotic, filled with laughter, fun times and even some thoughtful moments.  We have some amazing stories to tell, about our enterprise partners and their products.  We’ll also be talking about eco-friendly lifestyle hacks and upcycling initiatives. Last but not the least, we’ll be chronicling inspiring life stories of beautiful people like yourself, who’ve worked hard to make a positive impact in the world around them. 

Check out our Blog to find out more!

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Contests, features, funnies, videos, and much more - all on our social media channels!  Go check 'em out!

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