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Did you know that bulbs are poisonous when discarded carelessly along with other kinds of waste? When discarded safely, it is possible to recover the metals and other materials of the bulb and reuse them. This simple product encourages each home to store, not throw used bulbs along with other trash. When your bulbs fuse, just put them away in the Care Box until it is time to give them away to an e-waste recycler who will deal with them safely. A fun way for children to learn about the environment. Also, a unique gift that will spread the word of little actions making big impact. Product price includes a shipping cost of Rs. 55 per unit.

Why we like it
This product addresses the important but oft-neglected topic: environmental toxicity from carelessly disposed e-waste. It does it in a way that’s interactive and interesting for children to comprehend by making segregation fun and visible.

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The Product

Product name: Care Box
Package contents: 1 reusable brown paper bag that can take up to 5 kgs + instruction book + colourful stickers + a flat corrugated box + activity sheet.
Bag: 12 inches x 16 inches bag.
Box: 5 inch wide x 4 inch wide x 8 inch height
This is a simple product that encourages each home to store, not throw used bulbs. Bulbs fuse at odd times, often at that moment, you are wondering what to do with the used bulb and not knowing where to put it, you just put it in the bin or give it with other dry waste to the scrap dealer. Both are dangerous things to do. A book explains why.
This product stores up to 12 used bulbs and keeps them safe till they can be given to a e-waste recycler. A unique gift that will spread the word of little actions making big impact. Customise it with our beautiful stickers.
E-waste recyclers prefer not to pick these up for free, they need to be paid to dispose them safely. This is because running the bulb recycling plant is expensive. While large corporates can pay for the safe disposal of bulbs the challenge is in homes and smaller institutions. Therefore it is best to collect, store safely and then hand over a sizeable number to the recycler in the safe container along with other valuable E-waste like old computers, or gadgets or wires. Yes, you may still need to pay for these to be recycled, but you are doing the right thing!
Note: When full, close, and keep out of reach of small kids

Your Impact
This product is an important investment to make in developing in your child an appreciation of her environment and an awareness of how to live in it as an informed, responsible citizen. It creates awareness, informs and is a fun nudge to build a responsible attitude towards one’s waste, its disposal and recycling.

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Dimensions 41 x 26 x 1 cm

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