Compost Maker Block (Aerobic Composting) – 5kgs

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For kitchen waste, this organic culture of micro-organisms makes composting faster. Simply add it your aerobic composter to improve the moisture content of your compost and keep your plants hydrated for longer.
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An easy way to give your garden the love and nourishment it needs. This compost block enhances your compost with cocopeat so that it naturally retains water and helps keep plants hydrated.

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The Product

Product name: Compost Maker Block (Aerobic Composting) – 5kgs
Package contents: 5Kg Compost Maker Block
Dimensions (cms): 31cms x 31cms x 13cms
Weight: 5kgs

A 5kg Super Saver Coir Pith Block infused with microbes that helps convert your kitchen waste to manure. The largest size can be used for upto 2 months in any aerobic composter.

Easy-to-do composting
Works well with DIY composting kits and with products like Khamba, Stonesoup Chutki, Manjhli and Badhki.
No flies, no smell.
Enhances your compost with cocopeat so that it naturally retains water and helps keep plants hydrated.
Your Impact
Being responsible with your domestic waste is one of the easiest and most effective ways in which you can contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. By segregating your kitchen waste, you keep it from mixing with dry, recyclable waste, and ending up as a mess in landfills. What’s more, you also get rich, nutritious compost that your vegetable garden will love. So, get composting today and watch the magic that takes place between kachra and kitchen.

Dimensions 31 x 31 x 13 cm

Aaditi Stonesoup

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