Eco-friendly Bioenzyme-based Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Natural Disinfectant

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Native, natural, locally sourced, safe! That’s the promise a chemical-free cleaner makes to you. Free of the harsh synthetic ingredients in commercial cleaners, this citrus peel-based cleaner can be safely used around babies and pets. It keeps your water safe and pure so it can be reused in the garden. Use it today to replace all the chemical cleaners in your home!
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Why we like it
This cleaner fills your home with a zingy, citrusy odour, is soft on the skin, and is a one-stop natural solution for all your cleaning needs!

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The Product

Product name: Eco-friendly Bioenzyme-based Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Natural Disinfectant
Package contents: One Eco-friendly Bioenzyme-based Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Natural Disinfectant
Dimensions (cms): 9cms x 9cms x 28cms
Volume: 750ml
Ingredients: Citrus bioenzyme with essential oil

The Clear Citrus Bio Enzyme (also referred to as fruit enzyme) is a multi-purpose, natural cleaner produced from citrus peels. It is an effective alternative to harsh chemicals such as bleach, phenol, and other chemical solutions we typically use in living spaces for our cleaning purposes. It can be used with great effect for floor cleaning, laundry, car wash, as a pet wipe, as a Natural Disinfectant, as a Vegetable and Fruit Wash to remove fertilizer/pesticide residues.

Usage Instructions
Mix 5ml of bioenzyme cleaner in half a bucket of water to use for floor mopping and other cleaning purposes.
Your Impact
Free yourself from chemical cleaners by switching to products that are safe for you and respect the earth’s finite resources. These products use locally sourced, natural ingredients and are made using traditional practices and knowledge which form part of India’s cultural assets. By switching to natural products, you make a choice to go sustainable, save water and keep it safe and pure for use by others.

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 28 cm


At PraanaPoorna Collective, we follow principles of Circular Economy with a community of co- producers, where people come together to produce for their needs at the same time altering their consumption patterns to work with Earth's regeneration process. PraanaPoorna Collective believes in conserving ecosystem and works towards it by enabling local communities to bulk produce making local economies. We follow a cradle-to-cradle approach and use the least possible resources for packaging and transport.

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