Floral Tissue Box Handmade by Women Artisans

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The intricately handcrafted floral artwork on this tissue box elevates it from a functional product into a masterpiece. It is made using recycled paper and dried petals and leaves that would have otherwise turned into garbage. Give it pride of place in your home and put your keen aesthetic on display at your next dinner party.
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Why we like it
This box is gorgeous and green, and comes with a great origin story. It is handmade using recycled materials by a group of erstwhile women waste pickers turned skilled artists who are moving out of a life of poverty and towards financial freedom.

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The Product

Product name: Handmade Floral Tissue Box
Package contents: 1 Handmade Floral Tissue Box
Dimensions (cms): 23cms x 13cms x 7cms
Materials: Recycled hardboard, Handmade paper and Dry Flowers

Decorated with dried petals and leaves, and made of handmade paper, this beautiful tissue box will look gorgeous adorning your living room or dining table. It is both a utility and an art masterpiece. Just refill it with tissue paper and you have the perfect companion for your long drive or that party that you’ve been wanting to host.

The Artisans
These products have been painstakingly crafted by women in the Ghazipur slum community who formerly worked as waste-pickers. The women are trained in embroidery, stitching and delicate floral art, thereby giving them the skills they need to become financially self-sufficient. Some of the women are employed in a women-run centre in East Ghazipur where they make these unique and useful products. The making of these products transforms these women from waste-pickers into skilled artisans and provides them a safe, dignified and sustainable livelihood.

Your Impact
Environmental impact
This product uses eco-friendly materials like discarded flowers and recycled paper. It thus saves virgin paper and keeps hundreds of tons of used flowers from being dumped in the garbage or thrown into water bodies.

Social impact
This is more than just a beautifully crafted product. Its making has helped upskill and provide alternative employment and a stable income to more than 100 underprivileged women who were formerly engaged in waste-picking. It empowers them to move out of a life of poverty, illness and uncertainty into a life of respect and economic self-reliance.

Weight .34 kg
Dimensions 25 x 13 x 7 cm


Gulmeher is a women’s collective of waste-pickers turned artisans that is committed to the green agenda and believes that creating beautiful products can go hand in hand with environmental and social development.

We are demonstrating a sustainable social enterprise business model, centred around a women’s group in the Ghazipur slum community. At Gulmeher, we strive to provide an alternative and sustainable livelihood by creating eco-friendly products using discarded flowers and recycled paper. Our commitment is to provide a dignified livelihood by transforming waste-pickers into artisans, and it gives us the iron will to work tirelessly to grow Gulmeher.

Where it began

– Established in 2013 to provide alternative livelihood for women waste-pickers.

Our Impact

Making Lives Better

– 120 women trained into skilled artisans

– 35 women given employment in the East Ghazipur center

– Up-skilled 20 women in the craft of embroidery & stitching

Environmental Impact

– 7,000 kilograms of paper recycled

– Approx 120 trees saved by using recycled paper.

– 15 tons of discarded flowers re-used

Social Entrepreneurship

– Training and employing of at-risk women.

– Cycle of giving is completed by implementing social programs.

– Focus on empowering women through a women-run centre.

Handcrafted Designs

– Blending indigenous craft techniques with contemporary designs.

– Delicate floral artwork by arranging dried petals forming intricate patterns.

– Maximising handmade element in our products, encouraging good craftsmanship.

Impact of Your Purchase

– Improves the lives of our artisans by providing a stable income.

– Helps us engage the community through education, health & financial inclusion programs.

– Supports environmental sustainability

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