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This batch of tulsi infused honey comes from the misty forested slopes of Kerala and is slightly thinner in consistency than regular honey. Experience the soft, smooth flavour of tulsi with a drizzle of it in your morning cup of green tea or use it to sweeten your cereal, smoothie or porridge. The product price is inclusive of a Rs. 50 shipping charge. Our vendors are independent and must pay a fixed shipping price per product.

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The Product

Product name: Tulsi Honey

Package contents: One 250gm bottle of Tulsi honey

Dimensions (cm): 14cm x 8cm x 8cm
Volumetric Weight (gm): 0.179gm

The Tulsi Honey from Honey & Spice is made by infusing tulsi (Holy Basil) in Raw Honey. This bottle of tulsi infused honey has all the medicinal benefits of raw honey and tulsi combined. Honey & Tulsi strengthens the respiratory system and is a great source of energy.

The People
Wild honeybees collect nectar from Red Silk Cotton trees to create this rare honey. Numerous small farmers and indigenous forest tribes from diverse regions of India harvested honey from the tropical forests of Kerala in a sustainable manner. Raw and unprocessed which means it’s real honey with all the nutrients intact.

Your Impact

When you buy a product you help in preserving our planet’s biodiversity and in nourishing and taking care of tribals and their traditional techniques and livelihoods.

pack size

250gm, 500gm

Honey And Spice

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” 

― Maurice Maeterlinck

The Life of the Bee

Honey and Spice was founded out of our passion for honey, bees and beekeeping.

It all started when we encountered an indigenous tribe on one of our trips.
It proved to be life changing as we learnt about their occupation which is honey harvesting.
What started as an experiment has turned out to be our passion now.
From selling at flea markets to gourmet retailers, it has been a beautiful journey.

At Honey and Spice, our mission is to make 100 % raw wild honey an everyday part of your healthy lifestyle.
Wild honey bees collect nectar from Red Silk Cotton trees to create this rare honey.
Harvested from the deciduous forest regions of Orissa, this honey has a woody aroma & flavour.

We are a very small team based out of Bangalore, India who strive to live as bees live.
Each talented team member is from a different background which helps us enrich and balance as we all operate
from product development, e commerce, sales, accounting to designs etc.

Honey and Spice works with numerous small farmers and indigenous forest tribes from diverse regions of India.
We believe in producing and marketing 100% natural products with sustainable methods.
We intend to preserve our planet’s biodiversity, nourish and take care of our people and their traditional methods.

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