Jute and Denim Laptop Bag

This laptop bag is handmade from upcycled fabrics by slum-residing women in Hyderabad. Their work is made possible by Kriti org, and you will directly support their income with purchase of this bag!

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Contents: 1 handmade, upcycled laptop bag

Size: For 14" laptop

Material: Upcycled jute and denim fabrics, with polyester and foam inner lining

Note: As with all upcycled products, the colors are dependent on the available material. So your bag may differ slightly from what is shown here, but the design and overall colour will always be the same!

Upcycling saves usable materials from going to waste.

This bag is made from discarded fabrics of jute and denim, expertly hand crafted by the women at Kriti Org. Stand apart from the crowd with this unique bag.

When you upcycle things, it saves material that could be used from being thrown away and thereby polluting the environment, and it reduces our need for fresh resources. Thus is has a double positive impact on the environment. By opting for upcycled products in the things we use daily, we allow the Earth to heal a little!

Strong. Stylish. Sustainable.

Check out the video for a closer look!

Kriti Org

Empowering Women

Kriti Social Initiatives is dedicated to helping underprivileged women. Through their programs, they professionally train women in slums in Hyderabad to make superb quality items in an environment that is safe and close to their home. Not only that, they also provide vocational skills and lessons on things like gender sensitization and financial independence. They believe that by empowering the woman of the house, they will provide for the whole family.

Education for underprivileged children

Kriti also supports education for kids from underprivileged homes. Not only that, but they have adopted 2 government schools, and are looking to adopt more. They help these schools by providing support in infrastructure and other areas.

You will directly support women empowerment, and hence the upliftment of the entire household of these women residing in slum areas in Hyderabad.

You will lead the movement of upcycling by supporting the community and spreading awareness about it.

Upcycling saves usable material from going to waste, and prevents the need for new resources. That saves land, energy, water, and labour to name a few! All of these resources can go into other things our society needs.

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