Lemon Chaat (6 packs of 25g)

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This snack is straight from the farmer’s kitchen to your table. This product includes shipping of Rs.50 per unit. Our merchants are independent and small-scale, and must pay a fixed shipping cost per unit.

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Contents: 6 packs of Lemon Chaat

Weight: Each pack is 25g

GO DESi works with various farmer groups to provide income to them. The same people who grow the ingredients make them into these treats. So they are straight from the farmer's kitchen to your table. These snacks are minimally processed, and contain no preservatives or artificial flavours.

Lemon Chaat is tiny bits of dried lemon peel mixed with Indian spices to give it the perfect chatpata taste.

Lemon chaat is sourced from a 1st generation rural entrepreneur based in Tattikai village in Malnad. Eat it like a chooran or carry it along on your travels. You can even munch on it in between meals.

  • Dried lemon with spices. It's like a pickle in your pocket
  • Made by hand in rural kitchens
  • Sourced straight from the farm gate
  • No added flavour, colour or sugar


GO DESi is all about local production. They have enabled the setting up of micro-units at cooperatives, farmer producer organisations, and farmer self-help-groups. These micro units make products based on what they grow locally. They have been able to set up 5 micro units to service the customer demand, in the process generated income and employment.

GO DESi aims to connect the farmer's kitchens directly to your table. These values are reflected in all of their products-

Health: These products will never contain artificial flavors, colours, preservatives or any ingredient which that you cannot understand or pronouce. Regional: GO DESi relies on local wisdom, and picks regional foods. They don’t tamper too much with age-old recipes, they just ensure they are standardised and hygienic. Ethical: The ingredients for these products are sourced from rural entrepreneurs or farmer cooperatives or women SHG's directly. The manufacturer gets at least 30% of the total price the consumer pays. GO DESi aims to shield farmers from fluctuations in the commodity markets.

GO DESi works with various farmer groups to grow the ingredients that are made into these snacks, and to make the snacks themselves. They rely on local knowledge and traditional recipes. In doing so, GO DESi helps provide a steady income to a number of farmers across the country.

Healthier food options are a priority, given the situation of rampant malnutrition in the country. Good habits start at home. Join the movement and promote natural food with higher nutritional content and no artificial chemicals.

The ingredients are sourced and are made into the final product locally. This reduces the overall amount of energy and resources required to produce these snacks.


Farmers empowered enough to take a larger part in the retail value chain, we at GO DESi enable setting up of micro-units at cooperatives, farmer producer organisation, farmer SHG’s. These micro units manufacture regional products based on regional produce which is then sold under the name of GO DESi.
For every GO DESi product, the farmer gets at least 30% of the total price the consumer pays as compared to 10% today.

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