Natural Floor Cleaner (500ml)

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Make your floors clean and free from germs with this Natural Floor cleaner that is safe for your hands as well as the environment. This way the five-second rule can also become a ten-second rule.

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Why we like it

This floor cleaner is natural and free of the harsh chemicals present in regular cleaners. What’s more, its production also provides a reliable source of livelihood to disadvantaged rural and tribal women living in and around particular forest areas in India who collect products from the forest that otherwise would be cut for wood.

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Regular floor cleaners contain surfactants and fragrances that can irritate skin, cause respiratory problems and pollute the environment. BubbleNut Wash contains ‘saponin’ – a natural surfactant extracted from soapnuts that can take care of household cleaning needs.

This chemical-free floor cleaner is safe on your hands and on the environment. This way the five-second rule can also become a ten-second rule.

Key benefits are:             

  • Free from Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphates, Benzalkonium Chloride, Artificial fragrance, colour, Bleach
  • 100% natural
  • Safe for pets & babies

Your Impact

With the rapid pace of industrialisation, excessive exposure to chemicals has become a way of life. Right from the first act of brushing our teeth in the morning to having dinner at your favourite restaurant, we consume loads of chemicals either through food or personal care products. By buying this product, you choose to switch to natural alternatives to chemical-laden detergents that are not just harmful to your body, but also contaminate the soil and water. Your purchase also helps financially empower underprivileged rural and tribal women in remote villages who collect soapnuts from forests or mountain slopes during autumn and spring, and sort, grade and process them into cleaners and detergents to earn a living.



BubbleNut Wash is a social enterprise that seeks to create livelihood opportunities for rural and tribal communities by creating demand for unutilised forest produce. One such fruit is ‘Soapnut’ which has natural cleaning and foaming properties due to an active ingredient called ‘Saponins’. BubbleNut Wash has developed a proprietary technology using which Saponins can be extracted and purified from soapnuts and subsequently formulated into detergents. Saponin-based products such as laundry & dishwash detergents, handwash, floor cleaners and glass cleaners clean as effectively as regular chemical-based products, but without any of the adverse health and environmental implications associated with chemical cleaners. 

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