Natural Foaming Body Wash Powder

Want to keep your skin free from harmful lab-chemicals in your body wash? Those lab-chemicals not only act as slow poison for you, but also damage the environment when they drain away. Give your body (and the Earth) a break from all these chemicals with this natural body wash.

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Contents: 1 packet of BubbleNut Wash Foaming Body Wash Powder

Weight: 100 g

Ingredients: Soapnuts, Rice powder, Butter tree extract, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmin and other floral extract

Key Benefits: Hypoallergenic; Clears sun tan and improves complexion; Leaves soft feeling, glowing skin; Long lasting natural fragrance; Environmental friendly

Foaming Body Wash Powder

Do you know how many lab-chemicals your favourite body wash has? Research has shown that various chemicals used in various body washes available in the market may induce serious health risks. Try this natural body wash which is made of Soapnuts, Rice powder, Butter tree extract, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmin and other floral extracts. It will keep your skin clean and give it a much needed break from lab-chemicals.

Reduce the synthetic chemicals we come in contact with, stay healthy, save the Planet!


Directions to use:

1. Quantity: Half to one teaspoon

2. Put a teaspoon of powder in a bath tumbler filled with 100 ml of water.

3. Stir vigorously with your hand until the foam generates.

4. Use foamy solution as a body wash

5. Powder paste can be directly rubbed on the skin as a scrub

6. For dry skin, mix powder with 50 ml of milk before applying

7. Be careful near the eyes, as no synthetic tear-free chemicals have been used

8. Store in a dry place, use sealing cap to keep packet airtight

The market is buzzing with so-called ‘all-natural’ body washes, yet their base ingredient contains lab-chemical foaming agents. But Bubblenut Wash presents a lab-chemical-free body wash powder that is completely made of ingredients directly from the Mother Nature.

Soap bars are being marketed as natural, but still use 'lye', a corrosive chemical, for saponification (lather-making). Soapnuts are rich in lather producing 'saponins' and can be used as a safe body wash.

So have healthy skin without damaging your body with harmful lab-chemicals by using products with nature in every drop.

BubbleNut Wash

Ever thought about how many lab chemicals we wash out into the environment as a result of our daily cleaning activities? Showers, laundry, house cleaning, car cleaning, and so on… it’s a lot!

Bubblenut Wash aims to bring to you, a range of cleaning products which contain natural surfactants(referred to as ‘bio-surfactants) that are available in many plant species.

One such fruit, commonly known as ‘soapnuts’, is abundantly found across forest areas in India. Soapnuts are rich in the bio-surfactant ‘saponin’ which is an excellent replacement of synthetic surfactants in many cleaning products without any of their adverse environmental and health impacts. These product give your clothes as well as the environment a clean and long life.

The soapnuts are sourced from farmers in Odisha, Uttaranchal, and parts of south India, thus supporting their livelihood!

Reduce the amount of lab-made chemicals you use on yourself and release into the environment. Better health for you and the planet!


 BubbleNut Wash is a social enterprise that seeks to create livelihood opportunities for rural and tribal communities by creating demand for unutilized forest produce. One such fruit is ‘Soapnut’ which has natural cleaning and foaming properties due to an active ingredient called ‘Saponins’. BubbleNut Wash has developed a proprietary technology using which Saponins can be extracted and purified from soapnuts and subsequently formulated into detergents. Saponin-based products such as laundry & dishwash detergents, handwash, floor cleaners and glass cleaners clean as effectively as regular chemical-based products, but without any of the adverse health and environmental implications associated with chemical cleaners. 

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