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A hand sanitiser that works, smells great and that’s good for the environment and for you! This natural hand sanitizer is handmade with you and the environment in mind. Made entirely using natural ingredients and the uplifting essential oils of oranges, pine and sage, it is designed to gently moisturize your hands whilst removing harmful bacteria from the skinŠ—’s surface without exposing you to harsh, toxic chemicals.
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Why we like it
With its eco-friendly packaging and natural ingredients, this hand sanitizer is the perfect choice if you’re on the hunt for safe, chemical-free cleaners. Besides, it smells like a dream and leaves your hands feeling soft without drying them out.

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The Product

Product name: Natural Hand Sanitizer – Energizing Blend
Package contents: 1 Natural Hand Sanitizer – Energizing Blend. Comes in a glass or plastic bottle based on the option selected
Net Volume: 50ml/ 30ml, based on the option selected
Dimensions (cms):
7cms x 7cms x 12cms (glass bottle)
3cms x 2cms x 8cms (plastic bottle)
Ingredients: Orange, Pine & Sage Essential oils, AloeVera Gel, Coconut Oil, Xantham Gum, Wheatgerm (Vitamin E) Oil, Aqua, Citric Acid, Permitted preservative E202.
Energizing Blend: Made with the goodness of oranges, pine and sage, this refreshing blend of oils is reminiscent of a sweet summer’s day.

A Natural Hand Sanitizer that’s handmade with you and the environment in mind. Made entirely using natural ingredients, it is designed to gently moisturize your hands whilst removing harmful bacteria from the skinŠ—’s surface.

It is totally Alcohol-Free, absolutely Paraben-Free, and formulated with Premium Essential Oils, which have proven Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Antiseptic properties, which when combined together to provide a perfect balance of fragrance & function. That means ZERO nasty chemicals that have dangerous side-effects – and are especially dangerous for children.

Packed with Aromatic and Healing Essential Oils
TreeWear has carefully chosen Essential Oils that have proven Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal & Antiseptic properties, which when combined together to provide a perfect balance of fragrance & function.

Safe for you. Safer for kids
These products are lab-tested for efficacy against common harmful bacteria & have shown to be 99.9% effective against E.Coli, Ps. aeruginosa, S. Aureus, Aerobic Bacteria, Yeast & Mould. They are not tested on animals, & contain no animal products in them, making them safe for vegans. In fact, we rigorously test each product on ourselves before bringing them to market.

They are non-toxic, with all food grade ingredients, meaning they are safe for kids to use as well. While alcohol-based hand sanitizers hinder children’s immunities by killing harmful as well as helpful bacteria, our formulation is a more holistic approach to hand cleansing, allowing your immune system to protect your body naturally, whilst keeping your hands free from harmful germs.

Responsibly handmade
At TreeWear, we believe in making our products sustainably. That is why months of careful research & development are behind each bottle of our sanitizer. To ensure the highest quality standard – each one is handmade by our artisans in small batches, using our proprietary formulas that balance microbial action with skin moisturising & fragrant properties to ensure the best possible result.

Our natural products also minimize the negative on the planet through premium eco-sensitive packaging, & various environmental initiatives. Each bottle contributes toward a tree in one of our tree planting projects around India. This means that your choice makes a positive difference to the fate of our planet, and empowers you to buy better.

Eco-friendly, Handmade product, Vegan & Responsibly made
Natural Ingredients, Alcohol-Free & Paraben/SLS-Free, Non-Toxic, Child Friendly Formula
50 ml eco-friendly pack, for use on-the-go
Each bottle contributes to tree planting projects in India

Your Impact
With every Treewear product you buy, you adopt a more holistic approach to personal care – with products that are sustainably made – with eco-friendly materials and production methods. They are good for you because they’re free of damaging chemicals, and also safe for the environment. Moreover, with every Treewear product you buy, a tree is planted by the brand as part of its afforestation projects across India.

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30 ml, 50 ml

TreeWear India

Our story

TreeWear's aim is to create a  sustainable balance in our planet's environment. For trees that are being cut down, TreeWear aims to create awareness, plant brand new trees & make innovative eco-friendly products to help you make the shift to a greener, more natural lifestyle organically.

We have at the core of our company instilled certain ethical values that we stick by, no matter what. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that the product you buy is made with natural materials, has been responsibly made with the utmost care to ensure zero-waste material is produced. You can also rest assured that proceeds from your product will contribute a new tree to one of our afforestation/reforestation projects within India.

A tree planted for every product you buy

Our planting projects around India help to stimulate the local rural economies in the areas we work in through community involvement. These afforestation projects also help improve the local biodiversity, as well as aiding various soil and water conservation efforts. In fact, for your purchases, you can even track your tree and know more about the projects you are assisting in supporting. One of the critical reason for planting trees is to combat global climate change. However, trees have many other vital roles for our existence and well being.

Nothing goes to waste

We take back every bit of our scrap from our manufacturers and are constantly trying to find new ways to reuse them by upcycling them into products made lovingly by our friends at ADAPT, an NGO committed to providing support to children and young adults with disabilities. Another one of our primary concerns is to work towards creative solutions, which are better for the planet.

An example of this is our packaging made from post consumer recycled plastic water bottles, which are otherwise destined for the landfill. The great thing is that these can be reused again in a variety of interesting ways.

Sustainability at every level

As a proponent of the ethical consumerism movement, we think that each one of us has the power, through our choices, to buy a product that looks good, feels good & does good, too. We have tried to ensure the smallest carbon footprint in making our products, using only natural materials & processes that minimize energy use and wastage. We have carefully handpicked manufacturers who employ fair business practices to ensure our clothes remain 100% guilt-free. And last but not least, each purchase sees a tree being planted at one of our reforestations projects, making them some of the greenest thread around.

Incorporating a social element into our work ethic is something we are determined about. We have organically developed working relationships with various NGO’s such as “Grow Trees” to help plant the trees, and “ADAPT” to aid in creating products made from recycled and upcycled materials.

Who we are

TreeWear is an idea formed by two brothers with an immense appreciation for nature. Deeply saddened by the current state of our disconnect with the environment and always amazed by the sheer number of ways that nature has provided for us, we wondered - "Isn't there some way we can give back?"

 Thus, TreeWear was born, and with it, the idea that we can educate and inspire others to make simple changes in their lifestyle to improve the world around us. With TreeWear, we aim to bring back the balance that we see throughout nature by creating 'ecological' products, spreading awareness about environmental concerns and reaffirming that each one of our actions DO MATTER and TRULY CAN make a difference.


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