Pack of 5 books + handmade khadi bag

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This set of 5 books is designed to inspire young minds and broaden their career options by introducing them to the stories of a diverse set of role models from different disciplines.
Give wings to the budding astronaut, dancer, diver, physicist or detective in your child by showing her /him what others have made possible, and make her/ him a role model for others! Suitable for ages 10-15 years.
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The Product

Product contents: Pack of 5 books + handmade khadi bag
Dimensions (cms): 30cms x 20cms
Weight (kg): 0.5kgs

Suitable for ages: 10 – 15 years

Details: The Know Your Star series was conceptualised to raise awareness among students about the different opportunities available to them by introducing role models in their lives. By sharing the stories of these role models, you can broaden the horizons of our youth, sow seeds of aspiration, and nurture strong dreams.
A set of Know Your Star series currently has 5 volumes. Each volume consists of 10 stories of role models, who have made a strong impact in their chosen fields. The books have been developed with utmost care and lots of love, featuring simple explanations for complex professions for easy understanding. The books are peppered with individual and group challenges that nudge students to view the world differently. The special feature about the book is that the inside pages have been designed with beautiful hand-drawn black and white illustrations, to double up as a colouring book!

The khadi bag is hand stitched by female waste pickers and creates safe and secure avenues where they can earn supplemental income during the day, when they are not on the streets picking waste.

Your Impact
Encourage the future painters, astronauts, magicians, scientists, engineers, dancers and doctors to dream, build and achieve by making their dreams a reality!

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 cm

Know Your Star

Our vision is to enable every student to realise their highest potential. We build student leaders who are in grade 5 to grade 10 to ensure that they are aware of the different possibilities available in the world. We support students on their journey to figure out why they learn through role models and an enquiry-driven approach.


After working in 2 clusters of government schools, we realised that the problem (be it discontinuing education or making poorly informed career choices) lies not just in poverty, but also in lack of inspiration, aspiration and awareness of different opportunities available to them. Students are not encouraged to design, think and develop an “I Can” mindset, instead they are made to parrot through rote learning mechanism. Similarly, students are constantly told what they can’t become and what can go wrong, instead of developing an “Unstoppable” spirit. “Self Awareness” of students’ strengths & areas of improvement are not mapped to life-paths, instead they are told “What you should do” by all the stakeholders including the parents, teachers, school, relatives and the society. Students also lack access to inspiring role models to look up to. According to us, a role model is any person whose life or aspects of life inspire others to aspire for greater things. We strongly believe that recognising their life-path at an early age can give children the strong roots they need to bloom where they are planted. Be a part of our mission to ensure that every student has access to diverse role models. Encourage the future painters, astronauts, magicians, scientists, engineers, dancers and doctors to dream, build and achieve by making this book a reality!

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