Partition Veggie-To-Fridgie Bag

This 100% eco-friendly cloth veggie partition bag will make your grocery shopping convenient and plastic-free. It has 6 in-built pockets and is made of durable cloth.

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Contents: Washable cloth veggie bag with 6 in-built pockets


  • Cut out plastic while grocery shopping.
  • Conveniently segregate your veggies, from the shop till you reach home.
  • At home, simply sprinkle some water on the bag and keep it in the crisper of your fridge. The bag keeps them fresher for longer.
  • These bags are easily washable.
  • They are made from all natural materials. These bags are 100% eco-friendly!

This Veggie-to-Fridgie bag makes grocery shopping easy and plastic-free!

Plastic ban? No problem, we’ve got your back. We all have to cut down our plastic usage in our everyday life. Just going vegetable shopping can potentially result in lots of plastic bags being used. These partition bags don’t use any plastic whatsoever, and eliminate the need for plastic bags. Not only that, they cut down the hassle of having to organize your veggies when you get back home. So you can be environmentally conscious without sacrificing on convenience!

What's special about these bags?

  • It comes with 6 in-built pockets (they are sewn into the inside of the cover)!
  • You can put it right in your fridge straight from the market! The shape of the bag is made to adapt to the vegetable crisper. Just sprinkle some water on the bag with your veggies inside, put it in the crisper, and your veggies will stay fresher for longer!
  • The bag is made completely out of natural materials. Nothing synthetic will touch your veggies! The cloth is made of cotton, and buttons are made of metal.

Astu Eco

Astu Eco was formed with the goal of decreasing the use of disposable plastics globally and helping to reduce environment pollution. Clearly, to do this we need a large behavioural change on a societal level. We must choose wisely and responsibly, so that future generations too can enjoy a clean, green world. Astu Eco is committed to the health of the environment, and providing eco-friendly options for commonly used items.

They are also actively involved in planting large shade giving local trees. For every 10,000 pieces of Astu Eco products that are purchased, Astu Eco will plant 100 trees. You are welcome to be a part of it. Check out their Facebook page to be notified of the next drive!

Support the movement of reducing the amount of plastic we need as a society.

Directly reduce the amount of plastic you need. That means less plastic pollution. It's good for the earth!

Astu Eco

Astu Eco provides you earth friendly alternates to single use plastic. Our centre is constantly researching on coming up with new products that help you decrease your plastic foot print.

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