Pearls Rakhi (made by Person With Disability)

This wonderful rakhi is made by people with intellectual disability and supports their income.

Note: This rakhi is not plantable, you can keep it forever. It will bring a light in your life and that of the maker.

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Contents: 1 rakhi made by person with disability

GiftAbled works with people with disability from around the country to make high quality products. Here is a rakhi that will bring light in your life and the one who makes it!

Let's enable inclusive development just by shopping!

Sisters will tie rakhis to brothers once again this year. But now, you can celebrate this ceremony and help support your community as well! Everyone deserves a fair chance to work and a life of dignity.

This rakhi is handmade by a GiftAbled artist at a Skill Training Centre for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Her name is Sayouni, but everyone calls her Hiya. This young lady loves baking, makes block printing on fabric, and takes a lead role in GiftAbled's theatre performance.

She is 22 years old and had difficulty with hearing and speech. In spite of the hand she's been dealt, she is always smiling. GiftAbled's mission is to make such a life possible for all People with Disability.

Inclusive Development!

According to WHO, 15% of the global population are People with Disability, which means there are 15 crore People with Disability in India alone! And yet, only 1% of them are employed. Everyone deserves a fair chance at life, and those who wish to work deserve an opportunity to take part in safe and dignified labour. The life of a Person with Disability is very difficult in India. But organizations like GiftAbled are working to create a balance, and a chance for inclusive development. Watch this video to see how they effect the lives of People with Disability with the amazing work they do.


GiftAbled is a social enterprise which strives to build an inclusive society by getting everyone involved, even you! They aim to empower People with Disability and support them in living a life of dignity. And everyone indeed deserves a life of happiness and dignity.

GiftAbled is a platform to connect numerous non-profits across the country in order to sell their products and services. After all, everyone who wants to work should have the chance to do so! The purpose is to sustain and generate livelihood for this marginalized section of society. These amazing folks are trained to make high-quality Indian made products from all over the country without having to leave the comfort of their home or office.

The NGOs that GiftAbled work with are run by tireless Trainers who care for People with Intellectual Disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities, learning disability, slow learners, visual impairment, speech and hearing impairment. The Trainers teach People with Disability how to deal with their condition and how to focus (by way of teaching them a craft), helping them make their life more meaningful by engaging them in a focused activity and also to earn their own living.

GiftAbled approaches Disability from the emotional front as well. They strive to connect individuals and People with Disability with the intent to sensitize the masses on the need (and way) to build an inclusive society.

The Indian marketplace is not very evolved in terms of catering to the needs of People with Disabilities, and hence it lacks inclusiveness. There is a need for the marketplace to cater to all, and to fulfill these needs is the vision and the mission of GiftAbled.

You will directly support a dignified income for Persons with Intellectual Disability.

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