Peppy Denim Bag made with Upcycled Jeans

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A tastefully designed and highly functional bag made of upcycled jeans. Who says eco-friendly products can’t look great too?

Why we like it

Not just is this bag uber cool, versatile and useful, but it’s a great way to give that favourite pair of old jeans a new life. Plus, upcycling old denims keeps them out of the trash and saves so much water, energy and other resources, creating a positive impact on the environment.

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Contents: 1 Peppy Jeans Bag (with zipper)

Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 5 cm

Handle length: 56 cm

A trendy, multi-purpose shoulder bag for your shopping, travel and office needs. The bag is made by upcycling old jeans and post-industrial denim used in the sampling phase of the manufacturing process of jeans. Upcycling discarded but usable materials has a huge positive impact on the environment.

Your bag is completely washable. Please use cold water and drip dry. A quick round of ironing can give it a brand new appearance.

As with all upcycled products, the colours are dependent on the available material. So your bag may differ slightly from what is shown here, but the design and overall colour will always be the same!

Your Impact

One pair of jeans takes anywhere from 5,000-10,000 litres of water to make. This includes the water it takes to grow the cotton, plus the water used in dyeing and fading, which also leads to a lot of runoff of chemicals. Let’s not forget the land, labour and energy that went into growing the cotton.

And yet billions of these garments are simply thrown away each year because they are old, torn, or just “out of fashion.” That’s right, millions of kilos of perfectly usable material is sitting in landfills right now, rotting away. By choosing to use upcycled products, you support the upcycling movement, and reduce the amount of useful fabrics sent to the landfill.


“dwij"(द्वि = Twice, ज = Born) meaning second life  in Sanskrit, was founded to address the ills of fast fashion. Our mission is to generate wealth by providing inclusive growth of society, using junk. We upcycle post-consumer jeans and post-industrial denim to make trendy and multipurpose bags. Our process significantly reduces the dependency on virgin materials. We choose each element carefully, and maintain high hygiene standards to produce fresh looking and long lasting bags. Post your trashed jeans toUG-60, Dreams The Mall, Bhandup (W), Mumbai-400078. The money we save on your jeans is donated to NGOs which work with the recycling community.

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