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Building a vibrant and eco-friendly garden is so easy to do! Get rid of those flimsy plastic pots and give these cool coir planters a try to turn your garden into a truly green paradise. Coir, made from the fibres of the coconut’s outer husk, is long-lasting, completely biodegradable and easily decomposes in nature. Moreover, it’s a material your plants will simply love!
Introduce your indoor and outdoor garden to coir planters today!
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Made of a natural, biodegradable material that’s abundantly available in India, these pots are the ideal way to make your green space even greener. They are lightweight, sturdy and retain moisture well, making them perfect for ferns and other plants that enjoy cool, wet habitats.


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The Product

Product name: Round Coir Petite Planter
Package contents: 1 Round Coir Petite Planter
Dimensions (cms): 12.7cms x 10cms
Net Weight (gms): 120gms
Material: Handwoven Coir

If you’re trying to live a more eco-friendly life, then shifting away from flimsy plastic pots to coir planters will turn your garden into a truly green paradise. Coir, made from the fibres of the coconut’s outer husk, is long-lasting, completely biodegradable and easily decomposes in nature. When you wish to replace the coir basket, simply add it to your potting mixture and watch it decompose.

Moreover, coir is a material your plants will simply love! Coir is porous and absorbent, and ideal for use in planters because it helps prevent water-logging and root decay. It is also capable of holding some moisture itself, which prevents the soil from quickly drying out.

Coir pots are lightweight and can be used indoors and outdoors. They make for easy terrace gardening and also work great as hanging planters.

Note: Keep a tray to collect excess water when watering the plant. Perfect choice for succulents and small plants

Coir provides better drainage. It is water resistant and fungus free.

Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 12.7 x 12.7 cm


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