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Free of all chemical toxins, this product harnesses nature's bounty to restore scalp and skin health. Aloe vera is nature's miracle beauty, skin and hair care ingredient that works wonders to moisturise and soften dry, itchy skin and prevent dandruff and promote hair growth. The product price is inclusive of a Rs. 45 shipping charge. Our vendors are independent and must pay a fixed shipping price per product.

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The Product

Product name: Natural Aloe Vera Powder
Package contents: 1 package of Natural Aloe Vera Powder
Dimensions (cms): 100cm x 10cm x 200cm
Weight (gm): 100gms

Your Impact

By choosing from Matru Ayurveda's range of chemical-free personal care essentials, you give your body the gift of better health and free it from exposure to the toxic synthetic additives present in regular beauty products. You're also casting your vote for environmentally-friendly products that steer clear of non-renewable, petroleum-based ingredients, opting instead for plant-based products that not just make your skin look good, but promote your full health and well-being with safe, nourishing ingredients. Finally, you're standing for a cleaner planet with less soil and water pollution.

Matru Ayurveda

The Sanskrit word 'Matru' means Mother. Matru Ayurveda's products bring back Ayurvedic wisdom and recipes from mothers and grandmothers, beautifully translating them into original and authentic beauty products. Just the way a mother would care for her child, we at Matru Ayurveda care for your holistic beauty!

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