Premium Kasturi Manjal/ Wild Turmeric Powder (100gms)

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Kasthuri turmeric has proved to be extremely beneficial in improving skin tone, reducing acne and blemishes and reducing unwanted facial hair. Mix it with fresh curd, honey, aloe vera gel or rose water to make a quick face pack to instantly revitalise your skin and give it a glow. The price of this product is inclusive of a Rs. 60 shipping cost.

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Ingredients: 100% pure curicuma aromatica powder.
Kasturi turmeric or Curcuma aromatica is found in the South Asian region, predominantly in the Eastern Himalayas and in the forests of the Western Ghats. This is different from Curcuma longa – the edible variant used in cooking. It has a wonderful uplifting aroma.


Treats acne and pimple marks and lightens them. Protects skin from sun damage. Excellent skin tone lightening to give fairer skin. Controls oil balance of the skin. Excellent for removing unwanted facial hair. Fights wrinkles and reduces unwanted facial hair. Unlike Curcuma longa, Kasthuri turmeric won’t stain the skin yellow.

How to use

This precious extract can be mixed with raw milk and applied as a face mask. You will observe increased skin luminosity with regular use. Use only 5 gms or 1 teaspoon per application. To make masks that both rejuvenate and tone the skin, mix it with ingredients like aloe vera gel, yoghurt, rose water or honey. Add it to your regular scrubs for added benefits.

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