Reusable Natural Cotton Bento Bag

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Inspired by the Japanese art of origami, this infinitely versatile bag is the perfect way to carry your sewing materials, organise your cosmetics or simply store food and other items. Simply drop your items in, knot them up and you’re ready to go, with this handy, durable and reusable bag.

Why we like it

We’re big fans of ditching plastic bags and swapping them for reusable alternatives whenever possible. Not only do we love the versatility and easy chic of this bag, but also dig the fact that it keeps thousands of plastic bags out of the garbage every single day. Also, its making provides a sustainable source of livelihood to women who handcraft each bag.

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The Product

Product name: Reusable Natural Cotton Bento Bag
Package contents: 1 Reusable Natural Cotton Bento Bag

Dimensions (cm): 14.5cm x0cm16cm
Weight (gm): 190gm

Inspired by the Japanese Bento bags, these simple knot bags are incredibly eco-friendly and simple to use. Fold one of them and use it in a variety of ways: food storage, vegetables bag, bread loaf bag, nuts bag, even can be laundry bag at home or on vacation.

Your Impact

Today, one of the largest threats facing the environment comes from plastic pollution, and as city-dwellers, the sad evidence of this is available to us everywhere. As a brand, EcoRight is committed to women’s empowerment, and 90% of their workforce is female. When you purchase this reusable bag, you are going plastic-free, reducing your carbon footprint and sending out a positive message for a safer, greener planet.


Pack of 4, Pack of 8


We are a young startup passionate about finding a solution to some of the problems our world faces – starting with finding ways to reduce our plastic footprint on our planet.

At EcoRight, we create products that are affordable, natural, reusable and appealing – to enable people to go eco-friendly. All EcoRight products are made from fabrics that are durable, kind to the environment and in ethically-audited manufacturing facilities. We also develop innovative fabrics – recycled cotton and Juton (jute+cotton) to make the products better for the environment. Our bags are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting, quirky yet thought-provoking, with each design rooted in an existing environmental issue – that makes the customer aware of the harm plastic does to the environment. As of March 2018, all EcoRight bags are packaged in biodegradable packaging material.

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