Segregation On-The-Go Kit

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Ever returned from a trip or hike to find your pockets, bags and car seats filled with bits of waste? Plastic wrappers, straws, bottle caps and pieces of paper?
This well-designed kit helps you easily segregate waste when you’re on the go. Whether it’s a road trip or train journey or a walk in the park, keep it close at hand and use it to store all your waste until you find a garbage bin. Makes the perfect gift for the eco-traveller in your life.
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Why we like it
These bags send out a strong message for the planet by making segregation possible even when we’re out of the comfort of our homes. They’re also a great way to keep children engaged when they’re on holiday and introduce them to responsible waste disposal.

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The Product

Product name: Segregation On-The-Go Kit
Package contents: One Segregation on-the-go kit
Dimensions (cms): 35cms x 60cms
Weight: 50gms
Material: Kora cotton

When travelling, we end up putting all waste in one compartment of the car or pocket or purse or bag. To solve just this issue, presenting multipurpose segregation bags made from Kora cotton by an NGO in rural South India.

Usage Instructions
Use it as a segregation kit in the car: Tie it to one of the car seats and insert a steel tumbler into the pocket of the kit for wet and reject waste, so that the bag does not get soiled each time.
Plogging Kit: Tie it to your waist on plogging/ hiking/ walking trips. Use it to segregate the bits of waste you create on the trail and store them until you find a trash can.
The pouch for DRY WASTE is twice the size of that for WET and REJECT waste. An elastic band keeps the contents of DRY waste pouch from spilling all over.
The Artisans
This kit is made of kora cotton by women of rural Tamil Nadu who are trained and employed by the WIld Ideas Trust and earn an independent livelihood by making these eco-friendly bags.
Your Impact
Let your actions be your message! Use this lightweight and well-designed bag to be a responsible traveller on your next road trip, train journey or hiking trip. With these bags, you keep single-use plastic out of the landfill and send out a strong message for the planet.

Dimensions 35 x 60 cm

Aaditi Stonesoup

We are your typical middle class working women who discovered the connection between our waste and the ailments that were troubling our children. Given our experience in corporate sector, we analysed the issues and started work on reducing our and our communities waste impact. Before we knew, we were part of the nationwide Garbage Sisterhood. At some point, we felt we have to step up from being an eco warrior to an eco entrepreneur to create products and solutions that can help people who want to make change. And was born.

We provide easy hassle free, convenient solutions to everyone who wishes to go green.Our Mission is that we want to be the global leaders in green choices.

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