Stonesoup Petals: Mandya Pads (Set of 3 Cloth Panty Liners)

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StoneSoup cloth panty liners are a reusable alternative to disposable pads which are laden with chemicals that are harsh and linked to rashes and discomfort. These liners are made of soft cotton that is leak proof. The liner can be washed in cold water and reused several times and save you the recurring expense on disposables. They are safe to use, hygienic and keep you free of allergies and rash.
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Why we like it
Cloth was the chosen medium of menstrual hygiene until disposables claiming convenience and comfort flooded the market. Cloth pads and liners are soft and safe for the delicate areas of a woman’s body which are prone to rash and discomfort when they remain in constant touch with the harsh chemicals and absorbent gels in plastic pads. They are also superior from an environmental standpoint and help you greatly reduce the trash you produce from single-use products.

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The Product

Product name: Stonesoup Petals: Mandya Pads (Set of 3 Cloth Panty Liners)
Package contents: Stonesoup Petals: Mandya Pads (Set of 3 Cloth Panty Liners)
Dimensions (cms): 18cms x 8cms x 5cms
Specifications: Pack of 3

Mandya Pads are soft, hypo-allergenic, washable panty liners that can be used for spotting, mild incontinence, vaginal discharge or on those ‘expecting my period’ days. They are compact to carry (can be folded to fit into a purse or a pocket), easy-to-maintain (can be hand-washed or machine-washed) and rash-free. Rid yourself of the plastic-y feel and gift yourself some Petals comfort.

The colour and pattern of the pads have been kept gender-neutral so that they can be used by men and women alike. These pads are made by trained women of Mandya district in Karnataka. By the way, these pads are eco-friendly as they save millions of disposables from the landfill!

Comfortable: Natural soft fabric, no rashes
Economical: No monthly expenses on pads
Eco-friendly: No trash
Healthier: No risk of infections
Hassle-free: Machine-washable, easy-to-dry
Discreet napkin-style foldable design
No stains

Usage Instructions
Use the buttons on the wings to fit the liner on to the panty. After use, the pad needs to be soaked in cold water. It can then be hand-washed or machine-washed and dried in the sun. The foldable design makes it discreet when hung for drying.

The Artisans
These liners are made by a group of women from Dharwad, Karnataka, who earn a dignified, sustainable living making reusable menstrual hygiene products, supported with market linkages by StoneSoup.

Your Impact
The benefits of reusable menstrual hygiene products to women’s health and environmental cleanliness are well known. By switching from disposable, single-use pads to cloth, you keep yourself safe from exposure to the harsh chemicals present in the synthetic fragrances, bleaches and gels used in plastic pads and liners. They also help you minimise your trash and save you from the recurring expenses on disposables. Your purchase also helps give the women of Dharwad a source of gainful employment.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 18 x 8 x 5 cm

Rekke Personal Care Pvt. Ltd.

As part of its mission to be the global leader in sustainable choices, StoneSoup offers a range of products to green your daily life - from eco-friendly menstrual hygiene products to chemical-free household cleaners, and composting kits. StoneSoup is the brainchild of two women entrepreneurs who are pioneers in the field of citizen-led solid waste management and sustainable menstruation in India.

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