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Upcycled Tetrapack Bag created by the women of Anu Life

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Stand out in a crowd with these colourful designer carry bags!  They’re great looking, sturdy, and best of all, made of upcycled materials.   Upcycled tetra packs are painstakingly handcrafted into these nifty carrybags by the women of anu LIFE.  Each purchase supports their income and promotes the movement of upcycling!

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Contents: 1 upcycled tetrapack bag


  • Handmade by the women of Anu Life. Anu Life gives a safe and decent income to women residing in slums in Bangalore.
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Professionally crafted
  • Waterproof
  • The inner lining is attached to the tetrapack frame, but can be taken outside for easy cleaning
  • Will last a good 8-9 years!

Upcycled Tetrapack Shopping Bags

Resources are meant to be used. So why waste the ones we have?

anu LIFE believes this as well. The tetra packs for these bags are sourced, cleaned, and handmade into these bags by the women who are gainfully employed by anu LIFE. Plus, these bags can last up to 8-9 years with proper use!

Sales of these bags directly support a safe, dignified, and decent income for the women who make them. anu LIFE India is giving hope to the people who need it most, and creating an opportunity for the women of this community to change their own futures. See the video below for more, or scroll down for pictures!

You'll get one of these cool designs!


Design is subject to availability. anu LIFE is dependent on the kinds of tetra packs they get, and hence designs will vary. But the functionality of the bag remains the same, and they all look beautiful!

See the work anu LIFE does and the women they support in this video here!

anu LIFE

The Anu Life workshop is a humble little room full of tetra packs and sewing machines in a slum area in Bangalore. Here, women from the area receive professional training on this handicraft and can earn a safe and dignified living close to their home. You support them with each purchase! anu LIFE commenced in March 2010 with the aim of setting up a profitable business enterprise for young mothers from the slum wards of Janakiram Layout, Bangalore. With an initial attendance of 2 women, it now provides income to 11 (see who they are here). The project is entirely supported by money earned from the sale of the products these women produce with their own hands.

The women of anu LIFE not only make these sustainable products, but they also handle the business-related tasks, such as stock taking, production planning, billing, accounts, and all bank related work. They are looking for regular orders to keep the enterprise running, their families fed, and their children in school. These once illiterate women have now picked up the necessary social skills, mathematics, and English to successfully and independently run their own business. As a result, their families now have access to better health care, education for themselves and their children, an understanding of their human rights, and a sense of self confidence and independence.

Additionally, they are positively impacting the environment by upcycling household waste, thus reducing what gets thrown into landfills or litters the streets of Bangalore.

Directly support the income of these amazing women. The means better health care, better education for their kids, and a decent living.

Upcycling means reducing the amount of new resources and energy that we need to make new products. We can brighten up our homes, without burdening the planet for fresh resources for these things!.

Reduction in consumption of new raw materials which can result in a reduction of energy usage, air pollution, water pollution, water usage and even greenhouse gas emissions.

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