The Ficus – Biodiversity Friendly Coffee (100% Blend of Arabica and Robusta)

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A blend of Arabica and Robusta that is versatile and full-flavoured,this brew is sure to lift your spirits like none other. But there’s more to this coffee than the perfect aroma and smooth flavour. It is grown in a thriving ecological landscape, where the forest is not clear-felled for the coffee. Biologically important trees like the Ficus it is named after support a healthy and diverse population of wildlife – from bees and birds to endangered arboreal primates. You can sip this shade-grown brew knowing it is truly making a difference to the forests and wildlife of India.
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Why we like it
We all love good cup of coffee, but good coffee that’s also good for the environment, wildlife and the people who grow it? Not that hard to come by, it turns out.

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The Product

Product name: The Ficus – Biodiversity Friendly Coffee (100% Blend of Arabica and Robusta)
Package contents: 1 The Ficus – Biodiversity Friendly Coffee (100% Blend of Arabica and Robusta)
Roast type: Medium-Dark
Grind Type : (Default is medium) Whole Bean, Coarse Grind, Medium Grind , Fine Grind
Ingredients: 100% Blend of Arabica and Robusta

The beans in this coffee were grown in the moist deciduous forests of BR Hills of Karnataka by small-scale growers who abide by biodiversity-friendly practices. This means that they abstain from the use of chemical pesticides, and ensure conservation of plant and species diversity, and soil and water quality.

The Artisans
The Arabica coffee beans have been harvested by small-scale producers in Yerakannagadde podu, and hand pulped in BR Hills by members of the Biligiri Soligara Coffee Belegarara Sangha – a coffee producers’ organisation. Through the producer organisation, growers’ capacities are built to engage in markets in ways that feel fair, transparent and democratic. The brand guarantees livelihood security and recognition for coffee producers with best practices and assures prices that are consistently above the declared market price at the time of purchase.

Your Impact
Coffee has become such an integral part of our morning routines that’s it’s not not a crop we give too much to. Yet, coffee growing is among prime sources of deforestation in the Western Ghats. By supporting ecologically sustainable coffee, you make it an economically viable for small growers to continue their commitment to biodiversity conservation.

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Black Baza Coffee

The idea of Black Baza Coffee did not come from us at all. It came from coffee growers themselves and it was the idea of creating a local, participatory and meaningful movement for coffee - starting with India and hopefully elsewhere as well. The idea of Black Baza Coffee holds within it a want for an alternative - a production and market system which values producers and nature equally.

For those amidst us, a four-year research project led to the realisation that coffee markets are structured in ways that undermine the wellbeing of farmers and forests. This is true even for contemporary sustainability mechanisms - which are, on paper, designed to tackle social and environmental inequities, but in reality achieve little. The uneven power structure of coffee value chains and the inherent limitations of existing sustainability mechanisms is what emboldened us to create Black Baza Coffee, a movement that attempts to reconstruct marketplaces such that coffee as a commodity is re-embedded in place, people and ecology.

Quite simply, our work is two-staged - first we co-imagine a sustainable future with coffee growing communities and then we interconnect producers to consumers through telling stories on a community-supported agriculture marketplace.

This means that Black Baza Coffee is not solely a trading organisation but an enabling one.

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