The Great Banyan Organic Multigrain Energy Malt

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The traditional health drink to keep you energised through the day, naturally. Sounds unreal? But it’s true. Multigrain Energy Malt is a blend of nutritious grains, millets, nuts, gram, jaggery and ginger – a great way to start your day and fuel your active lifestyle. Easy to digest, nutritious ingredients and tasty, too. A perfect malt drink for the whole family.
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The Product

Product name: Organic Multigrain Energy Malt Drink for adults and kids
Weight: 300gms
Ingredients: Whole Wheat, Finger Millet (Ragi), Pearl Millet, Jowar, Red Rice, Fried Gram, Jaggery, Groundnut, Barley, Green Gram, Black Gram, Chickpea, Cashew, Almond & Dry Ginger
Dimensions (cms): 18cms x 12.5cms x 7.5cms
Suitable for: All ages

• India’s 1st multigrain malt with vital grains & herbs keeps you energized for the whole day
• 100% Natural, Homemade, Organic Health Drink. No Pesticides, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colours and Flavours, No Salt & No White Sugar
• Suitable for all ages.
• Prepared with utmost care in a hygienic environment.

Safety Instructions:
1. Infant food should be introduced only after the completion of 6 months upto 2 years of age.
2. Consult your pediatrician before introducing infant food to your baby.
3. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding to babies.
4. WHO recommends no addition of salt and sugar to baby’s food till completion of 1 year.
5. Breastfeeding should continue after introduction of infant food.
6. Boiled fruits, vegetables and other family food shall be introduced to baby’s diet as per the advice of pediatrician along with infant food.
7. Discard the leftover food, Do not reuse it for the baby.

Your Impact
Rediscover the goodness and nutrition of ancient food practices and keep your baby away from unhealthy processed, unhealthy, ready-to-eat foods with this 100% natural, traditional, homemade and organic drink that’s easy to prepare for your entire family.

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 18 x 12.5 x 7.5 cm

The Great Banyan

The Great Banyan is a cottage industry kind of company, with one simple goal: To bring back our traditional food science.

We are actually not discovering anything new. The Great Banyan just strives to reestablish the connection between us and the well known secrets of our tradition.

Our Mission

In today's industrialised world, our ancient healthy food practices are defeated by highly processed, unhealthy, ready to eat foods. Its time to bring back our lost legacy of traditional food for all ages. The Great Banyan aims to bridge the gap and deliver 100% natural, traditional, homemade & organic food into every Indian home.

What we do

We make traditional health foods at home and deliver them to your home.

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