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Wait, what?  Yeah, this beautiful handbag began life as a tyre that almost ended up in a landfill before it was rescued and handcrafted into this sleek and stylish product. It’s tough, trendy and oh so eco-friendly. You know your bag collection could do with one of these beauties today.

Why we like it

Made of vegan leather, these handbags are spacious, durable and they’ll never go out of style. Besides, they’re good for the environment and make a great conversation point!

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The Product

A high quality vegan leather bag with smart and elegant design. This bag is also eco-friendly and  perfect to carry your essentials. It is washable, extremely durable and long lasting.

Contents: 1 upcycled tyre handbag made of vegan leather (Recycle Rubber)


  • Water proof and sturdy
  • Zip on the top of the bag and a zippered pocket inside the bag
  • Made out of vegan leather (Recycle Rubber)
  • Cruelty free and eco-friendly
  • Highly durable, shock proof and scratch proof
  • Completely washable and water proof.
 Note: Product shape and design will remain same with good quality, but the texture may slightly differ as every inner tube has its own identity and unique pattern.

The Artisans

While making of Ecowings upcycled products, most of the work is done by hand by trained rural craftsmen in Central India who fuse their crafting skills with great levels of precision using tools and technology.

Your Impact

Did you know that the inner tube of discarded tyres is seen as a waste material? These tubes are usually burnt in huge piles, greatly polluting the environment and posing a huge risk to human and animal health. Burning 1kg of rubber releases 1.70kgs of carbon dioxide into the environment. By choosing an Ecowings bag, you are not only preventing used tyres from ending up in landfills or being burnt. By supporting the upcycling of waste rubber into beautiful, useful lifestyle products, you reduce your dependence on virgin resources and help create a cleaner, animal-friendly environment.

That’s not all. Your purchase also supports the crafts and livelihoods of 50+ local communities, artisans and craftsmen in Central India who are actively involved in handcrafting these upcycled innovations under fair trade conditions. So much impact with just one bag!


Ecowings is the outcome of a long journey of extensive research on eco-friendly products and sustainable ideas. We offer high quality professional handmade, upcycled and vegan bags and fashion accessories. We have our own design house and manufacturing unit to evolve innovative designs and styles by partnering with many local communities, artisans, craftsmen who are actively involved in rural and urban upcycled innovations across the India.

Our Aims:
  • Reducing carbon footprint on our planet through encouraging upcycling
  • Creating fair business opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Helping craftsmen and rural communities towards self reliance
  • Enhancing lifestyle through green products and accessories
  • Inspiring youngsters through green innovations
  • Protecting wild life and Nature through vegan products
Ecowings Fair Trade Policies:
  • Child Labour is strictly prohibited
  • Giving Fair wages to our Craftsmen as per their skill and capabilities
  • Maintaining congenial working environment
  • Quality Control and measurement based on global requirements
Ensuring no Child Labour and Forced Labour:

Ecowings never supports child labour. It is strictly prohibited as per our norms. We provide a congenial environment to our workers and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Ensuring Good Working Conditions:

Ecowings provides a safe and healthy working environment for Ecowings team and working members.

Providing Capacity Building:

Ecowings intends to increase positive developmental impacts for small and marginalized traders through Fair Trade. The organization develops the skills and capabilities of its own employees or members.

Respect for the Environment:

Ecowings produces upcycled products to maximize the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources within their reach, procuring the material locally, whenever possible. We try to use fairly good quantity of waste toupcycle it through our innovativeecoideas. Ecowings greatly respect wildlife  and environment and continuously putting efforts to make this planet better by saving wildlife and their biodiversity through its Upcycle movement.

Ecowings Social Impact:
  • So far Ecowings have trained 50 Rural people and upgraded their skills
  • Employment opportunity to several craftsmen in India
  • Launch new skill development programs intended to value addition and promotion of Indian crafts in general and upcycled products in particular
Ecowings Impact on Environment:

So far Ecowings has Upcycled 50 Tons Tire Tube which has saved around 1500 to 2000 animals lives. If we burn 1kg rubber, 1.70 Kg Carbon Dioxide gets released in environment. Thus, converting 50 Tons tire tube into a fashionable products through up cycling not only helped to reduce the carbon foot print on our planet but also protected our nature from open landfills.

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